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The May/Haruka Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by yhyiannis, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    *Stage On*

    The May/Haruka Club (Version Four)
    Welcome to The May/Haruka Club! If you like May, then you’ll love this club! Over here, you can speak to other users about anything about her. The owner of the previous version of this club was ~Mist~. She decided that she was too busy to handle taking care of the club any more, so she gave the club to me to take care of. I’ve restarted the club with Angeling's permission. Please feel free to talk about May and to post her quotes, fan arts, graphics (such as banners, icons, wallpapers, etc.], fan fiction, or anything else that relates to May! This is a friendly club so please feel free to join us and to enjoy yourself.

    The Rules
    1. All SPPf rules apply.
    2. Please, no bashing of any kind. Respect one another and be friendly.
    3. No double, triple, or more posts are allowed. Only one is needed. You can edit your original post if you want to add anything to it.
    4. No one-liners.
    5. Only post within the club if you are joining or if you have already joined. If you post and are not joining or have not already joined then you shall earn yourself a strike.
    6. If you wish to post an image, use this: insert-link-here[/*img]. Take out the asterisk (star), to post an image. Please credit all fan art posted!
    7. Shipping talk is to be kept to a minimum, but please keep in mind that others might not support them.
    8. Spoiler Tags are to be used when talking about the latest episodes from the Anime. To create a spoiler tag, use this: [SPOILER="title"]content[/SPOILER*] Take out the asterisk (star), to create a spoiler tag.
    9. The breaking of any of these rules will result in a strike. Three strikes will earn you a ban.
    10. If you change your username, please let me know in the club by posting or by sending me a PM.
    11. Have fun!

    [B]How do you join?[/B]
    Joining is very easy. Simply state within your first post why you wish to join and why you like May. Please relate your post to her as much as possible. Ideas could be why you like her, her best moments, discussion of her Pokemon, etc.

    [B]What happens when you break the rules?[/B]
    People who fail to follow the rules will earn themselves strike. A strike will be given if a rule is broken. More than one strike may be given depending on which rule(s) is/are broken. With time, the strikes can fade if you act appropriately within the club, and you don't cause anymore trouble. If you get three strikes then you are banned from the club until further notice.

    [B]The Owner[/B]
    [I]yhyiannis[/I] – You can call me Yani. I’m a very friendly guy so don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything.

    [B]The Co-Owner[/B]

    [B]The Member List[/B]
    -*Lovely Floatzel*-
    Lil Crickee
    Pearl's Perap
    Rayquaza Master777
    pika pika pikachu
    Terry. T.
    Kit Kat
    NY Gamer
    Sweet Autumn Bunny
    Final Ace
    Ice Pokemon Trainer
    Astral Arrow
    water type
    Celest M.
    Sumner Sturgeon
    pokemon player
    Sweet May

    [I]Final Ace (1) - One liners[/I]
    [I]arceus7 (1) - One liner, no reason for joining[/I]
    [I]granbull guy (1) - One liner, no reason for joining[/I]


    [B]The Club Art[/B]
    [I]Please credit the creator if you use them. Thank you![/I]

    [B]May Pictures[/B]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Topics You Can Answer
    If May's Eevee didn't evolve into a Glaceon then what would you have wanted it to evolve into?

    When you first saw May in the anime what did you think of her?

    Do you like May's old outfit better than her new one?

    If you could choose different colours for May's clothes, what would you choose and why?

    Do you think May and Ash are a good couple?

    Do you like the fact that May didn't capture Johto-native Pokémon?

    Would you have rathered May choose a different starter? If yes, which one and why?

    Would you have liked it if Max didn't follow May everywhere?

    What is your favorite May outfit?

    Would you have liked it if May went with Brock & Ash in the next region?

    Which one of May's pokemon do you think is most like her?

    What is your favourite May shipping?

    How would you feel/react if you actually met May?

    Do think May's voice has changed? If so, do you think it's better or worse?

    Do you think May is better off with Ash And Co?

    Who is your favourite rival of May's?

    Which of May's Pokemon is your favourite?

    Do you think May should have her own show?

    If you could have May catch any Pokemon which one would it be and why?

    If you had to take away one of May's Pokemon, which would you choose?

    Do you think May wil be mentioned in the last episode of Pokemon?

    Who do you think May has a crush on?

    Who wanted more episodes with May in her bikini?

    If May were to have a Bug Type Pokemon (other than her Beautifly), what would it be?

    If May were to have a Flying Type Pokemon (other than her Beautifly), what would it be?

    What do you think will happen when May returns to visit Ash and his friends?

    What is your least favorite pokemon that May had?

    Would you rather have May win the Johto Grand Festival and never been seen in person again, yet we see her like an announcer or have her return with Ash and have not won the Johto Grand Festival?

    If May visits Ash and friends again, where do you think they will be?

    Have you had any dreams with May in them and were they Pokemon-related or not?

    How would you feel/react if you actually met May?

    If you were to rewrite Hoenn, what would you amend May's team to be?

    In RSE if you played as a girl why did you choose May as your main character? And did you name her something different?

    In RSE if you played as a guy how did you react every time you encountered May during your journey?

    In RSE would you have liked it if May battled you more then 4 times? If so, how many more times, and where would she be located?

    Banners You Can Use
    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
    Made By ~Mist~

    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
    Made By ~Mist~

    Made By Sweet Melody

    Made By Sweet Melody

    Made By Rukaria

    Made By yhyiannis

    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
    Made By yhyiannis

    Made By Lil Crickee

    Made By yhyiannis

    Made By Idisious Dreamer

    Made By MKPokemon Master

    Made By -beautifly-

    Link 1 Link 2
    Made By Sonic15

    Made By Terry. T.

    Made By Terry. T.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  2. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    I want to join! love May for so many reasons! She has great pokemon! She's wonderful at contest! And May has a great personality! :)
  3. blueUmbreon

    blueUmbreon Banned


    I like May cause she is hot!

    Can I join?

    Yeah! I am a co!
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
  4. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Hey -beautifly-! You're in. Good to see you in the club again!

    No you cannot join. You do have one more chance to join though. If you can make a proper post then you will be allowed in. If you fail to meet expectations then you're banned from posting in this club for a week.

    EDIT: -beautifly- you can post that topic that you thought up in the previous club before it was closed.
  5. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    heres my topic >If May's eevee didn't evolve into a galceon what would you have wanted it to evolve into? i dont know if i spelled it rght but i think i did! anyway i would have wanted it to evolve into an umbreon!
  6. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Alright awesome topic! I'll just correct it though.

    If May's Eevee didn't evolve into a Glaceon then what would you have wanted it to evolve into?
    Well, Leafeon seems like an awesome evolution for it. It seems the most fitting for the Anime though seeing as we've already seen all the other Eeveelutions. Glaceon is a very nice choice though!

    Why would you have wanted it to be an Umbreon -beautifly-?
  7. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    because when i was younger before they had glaceon and leafeon my favorite eveeloution was umbreon because i loved dark pokemon and i mght
    have been wrong but i thought umbreon was and i dont know why i liked dark pokemon i just did :p
  8. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Haha alright I get what you mean. Umbreon is also my favourite Eeveelution tied with Espeon. Dark Pokemon are awesome. Hey any ideas with getting more people in the club? Because it's only just the two of us at the moment. I'm making more banners so people might want to join because of what they look like and stuff... I just want this club to be really cool.
  9. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    i dont really know ill fix up my siggie and start telling how great the club is and leave a link and im making a banner 4 myself i dont know if ud want 2 use it 4 this club or not but oll just post it here when im done
  10. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Alright cool! I'd love to see it when it's done. I've made one myself but I'll post it when I get back home. Anyways -beautifly- I'm going to make you temporary co-owner just for while I'm gone alright? This is because I'm going to be inactive for most of tomorrow and I think my internet is down at home so I might not be on for a couple of days or something. If anyone joins just make sure they post a good reason and all yeah? Nothing like "I like May because she's hot". That's a bit too shallow in my opinion. If they go into detail on why she's hot and stuff though then give them a chance :p Anyways temporary co-owner, I'll see you in a bit ;)
  11. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    thanks so much! and ill probaly finish it tomarrow because m to lazy to do rght now. and yeah i agree that is really shallow :(
  12. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    I'm back! Flight was blahh. I had some idiot next to me who had a baby who wouldn't stop crying! It was a little cool though because I was on the same flight as some friends :D
    Thanks for being the Co-Owner while I was gone! Didn't really have much activity though did we :p I think I'll save the Co-Owner spot for a time when we actually have more members, it seems better to do that. Anyways how've you been?
  13. I'd like to rejoin because May is my favourite Pokemon human character. I like how she is not merely a side character and actually has her own quest and goals primarily, but I also like her sweet, innocent personality and her interactions with her Pokemon. And of course, I think she's pretty cute, but not in the disturbing way.
  14. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Awesome Luigi-the-Breloom! Nice to have you here too :D I'll add you to the members list right after this post.
    The reasons you like May are also some of the same reasons I like her. I agree with the cute part too, but not in the way that some people would...
    Feel free to answer the current topic which is:
    If May's Eevee didn't evolve into a Glaceon then what would you have wanted it to evolve into?
    Anyways, glad to have you here! Welcome, and enjoy :D
  15. Magicute

    Magicute KKIIIIIIIIIIIII...!!

    Show off!
    Can I be a co-owner?
    I like May because...
    1.She has a good talent in pokemon contest
    2.She is smart,clever,beautiful,andplayful
    3.She had the collection of ribbons from the pokemon contest
    4.She is not afraid of anything.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
  16. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Yes you can join Magicute!
    Sorry no, I'm waiting till more people join the club till I choose who it is.
    Please don't ask to be a Co-Owner though alright?

    Anyways 3 members... we're growing slowly I guess haha.

    There's a topic going on at the moment that you can answer if you want Magicute.
    It is:
    If May's Eevee didn't evolve into a Glaceon then what would you have wanted it to evolve into?
  17. May is awesome!

    I love May because she is pretty and I love most of her pokemon.The number one reason is that she loves contests!Just like me.She is very sweet and kind too.So I really think she is a great person.

    If May's Eevee didn't evolve into a Glaceon then what would you have wanted it to evolve into?
    Hmmm I guess Leafeon is more her style but I would say Flareon because it just looks like a good companion for her.
  18. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    Welcome -*Lovely Floatzel*-!

    Nice to have you here!
    I'll add you all to the members list right now!
    Feel free to check out any of the Banners in the spoiler everyone!
    Well it's nice to know that we're growing :D Anyone got any ideas for another topic?
  19. Thanks for letting me in!
    Hmm what about this for a topic=

    When you first saw May in the anime what did you think of her?
    I thought she was soo pretty and nice.She automaditcly became my favorite character.I loved her hairstyle too.Soo cute ^^
  20. yhyiannis

    yhyiannis Cosmic Sea

    It was my pleasure -*Lovely Floatzel*-
    Do you have a nickname? Because I hate having to type that out every time haha.
    Nice topic!
    When you first saw May in the anime what did you think of her?
    I also thought she was pretty and I LOVED the clothes she wore! Her bandana really pulled me in as well because I like people with style haha. Like I'm always wearing a jeans with a chain and a belt with a huge buckle on the end and I always have a necklace, a watch, and a type of wrist band on it. So that's my style and I like it when other people have their own style. The colour of her clothes really fits her as well I think.
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