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The meaning of your username

Goat because i love goats, because they're awesome. Manjaro because i used to play alot of Halo 3 and getting 7 kills in a row was called Killimanjaro (teh mountain is Kilimanjaro)
Goatmanjaro just sounds funny.


Magic School Dropout
In one of my favorite manga series, Mahou Sensei Negima, the character Nagi Springfield is known as the master of a thousand spells, or just the Thousand Master. In a Pokemon RPG I run (link in my sig /shamelessplug) I named my character Nagi after him, so I figured I'd stick with the theme on other sites.

Perhaps ironically, it has nothing to do with any sort of Pokemon Master.


Stuff of Nightmares
My username is the name of my MMO Rogue, :p
Ly(Wolf)Cael(Archer, Arrow)


Holier Than Thou
Also, it's a pun on the word "cannibalize".

I've had a cannibal-related username on every forum I go to for at least 7 years now. It was originally because I'm a huge fan of The Silence of the Lambs (actually all of the books/movies... Particularly because of Hannibal Lecter). That, and I'm just kind of fascinated by cannibalism in general. And other morbid things.
But yeah, it was originally a reference to Hannibal Lecter. ^__^;


My favourite pokemon is snivy and the 101 is just randomly put there


Formerly Torterra14
Mine is self-explanatory. Torterra was my favorite Pokemon, and I was fourteen when I registered here at Serebii!


Poppstar Sunshine
Combined the words like how most pokemon names are made I just happened to choose between mijumaru and oshawott....Mijuwott!


Yeah, I believe you.
I've used my name alot, so I used it here too...It mainly came from bakugan.
dark - sounds better than "darkus"
lazerman - a misspelling of laserman - laserman is/was my favorite bakugan


오션 마스터
My favorite pokemon is and will always be kyogre. (especially my shiny one :) Also, I liked the idea of shadow pokemon from pokemon xd/colosseum and to be honest, I have randomly put 443 after every username I have ever made.


Merely A Puppet
A fusion of Manaphy and Phione. 123 is added on because Manaphione was already taken. However I would greatly like to change my username 'cause it sucks. I would like to change it to Tears of Crimson Blood because in my recent English exam I wrote a short story in which the main (and only) character stabbed his own eyes out and died whilst crying Tears of Crimson Blood.

garchomp osfp

New Member
mine is quite obvious!! garchomp is my favourite pokemon and osfp is the starting letters of my favourite team's full name... it's for olympiakos!!! :D


Take My Hand.
DarkMagician12- DarkMagician is my favourite monster from Yu-Gi-Oh- (With the exception of Blue Eyes) And I was twelve when I joined, I still am 12, and it's my lucky number :)


Well-Known Member
Smart in the part of my username means I'm smart (somewhat). And D comes from the first letter of my name.