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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya General Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Icicle, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya General Shipping Discussion

    >w<~! Best out of order anime ever~! The lovely story of Haruhi Suzumiya and her quest to find anything out of the ordinary, including, but not limited to, time travelers, aliens, and espers! There's also something surrounding her~! And come on, teh shippings are super luff!


    SPPf rules!
    Spoilers behind spoiler tags
    No bashing
    Have fun!

    What are your favorite shippings and why?
    What would your favorite couple(s) do for Spring Break

    What are your favorite shippings and why?

    I love Kyon and Yuki. I dunno, it's just so mellow, and awesome. Yuki needs more love <3! Besides.. Haruhi's heart belongs to a crossover ship (but that's for another thread XD), so I can't really pair her with anyone.. but if I had to pick cannon, of course I'd go for Haruhi and Kyon!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  2. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Yes! We have ourselves a Haruhi shipping thread!

    What are your favourite shippings and why?

    Kyon x Itsuki: I'm a yaoi fanboi, of course I like this ship. The whole "personal space violation" is just awesome. Itsuki loves to get close. Very close. And I love Kyon's reaction. Besides, we all know Itsuki would raep Kyon if Haruhi asked him to.

    Kyon x Haruhi: The chemistry is there. And they did kiss. And Haruhi drags him into pretty much everything.

    Haruhi x Mikuru: We all know she wants her. Just look at when Haruhi introduces her to Kyon...

    Kyon x Yuki: It's cute. Yes it is.

    Taniguchi x Kunikida: Because I can. And because they'd never get laid otherwise.
  3. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Oh yes, Anna, right timing, after I just finished watching the series~ :D

    What are your favorite shippings and why?

    Well, I actually started to like MikuruxHaruhi after seeing its one-sided(ness) whenever Haruhi wants Mikuru to do things that she wants. And what Haruhi wants, Haruhi gets, and she wanted Mikuru to join them, and so now she has her... ;x

    I'm still indecisive on who to pair Yuki to, but Kyon is the only guy/or person that comes to mind. I mean Kyon is the only one in which Yuki listens to, so lolz... XD

    Itsuki, well, I can pair him up with Haruhi, even if it conflicts whatever stuff I mentioned above. Or Kyon for some yaoi fanservice. *bricked*
  4. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.


    I LOVE THIS ANIME <3333333333333

    What are your favorite shippings and why?


    Itsuki x Haruhi - It's my favourite, I don't care that it's not everyon else's but I love that Itsuki does like, anything for her. That can lead to shipping kinkyness and you know it.

    I: Okay! ^^
    I: Okay! ^^
    I: Okay! ^^

    See? Easy as pie. Itsuki is the hottest yes-man ever and he's like, the cutest ever. Plus like people think Itsuki's into Kyon, but I say he's way more into Haruhi. I just think he sucks up to Kyon because Kyon gets along with Haruhi the best and all that and I think Itsuki would have liked to be the 'one chosen by Suzumiya-san' and and and well, I tend to ship my favourites together, which was how my love for ItsuHaru started and well, I just love the ship. <3

    Itsuki x Mikuru - It's the cutest ever. The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru ep converted me fully even if it was mostly acting but like, they're so cute with their interactions and stuff plus I think Itsuki did kiss Mikuru for realz but Kyon avoided showing it on camera. ;D And also, Mikuru with Itsuki is a lot safer than Mikuru with Kyon, if you plonk Haruhi into the picture. ;D

    Haruhi x Mikuru - fun yuri crack. I mostly like Haruhi's crack Mikuru-raep but I don't actiely support this as a ship I'd like to see canon...

    Haruhi x Kyon - OH SNAP. <3333 They have such an awesome dynamic and I love pairing opposites but like, Kyon cares a lot more than he lets on, definitely. And Haruhi blatantly likes him but it isn't shown via cuteness and blushing but the classic abusive girlfriend style. It has crack, it has awesome moments, the two are actually quite the team, I love this ship. <3

    Yuki x Ryoko - Now this is a yuri I properly support. Idk, there's something about the two that I like as a pairing. This sweet girl with a mischievious dark side and then there's the almost emotionless girl who sits around reading books. I think as a relationship, Ryoko would bring some more oomph to Yuki's life and all that. Plus Ryoko can't always have her way cuz Yuki can still kick her ***. ;D <3

    Tsuruya x Taniguchi x Kunikida - Because Tsuruya can have threesomes. *shot* It's mostly my side-off crack threesome for when I'm like, "Eh, those guys are left..."
  5. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    What are your favorite shippings and why?

    Kyon x Haruhi: Mel-chan kinda already explained the reason xD. But its really funny how Haurhi gets really jealous when Kyon chats with other girls in the series. And I love the part when both Kyon and Haruhi are sharing the same umbrella and then Haruhi snatches the umbrella while teasing him xD

    Tsuruya x Mikuru: They are best friends and Tsuruya and very protective over Mikuru.
  6. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    I figured Haruhi/Kyon and Haruhi/Mikuru would be popular XD!

    I have this like AU with Haruhi pulling in Kingdom Hearts characters (namely Sora and Squall XD) and like.. I can only see Haruhi with Sora and Mikuru with Squall. So yeah XD! But that is for a different thread. But like.. good to see some posts~
  7. Rinku

    Rinku -Jedi Knight-

    Hmmmm.... Well, the obvious one I guess would be Haruhi/Mikuru. As it'd be fun to watch. <.<; And Haruhi is gonna get bored from time to time and want Mikuru to "entertain her" when Kyon's not around. *Waits to be shot*

    Uh, honestly though I prefer Kyon/Yuki, or Itsuki/Mikuru. I can't see Haruhi actually settling down with anyone from the cast, as to her they're too "normal". Even though we know other than Kyon no one is normal.
  8. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    8D Haruhi Craziness!

    What are your favorite shippings and why?

    Kyon x Haruhi - ....already been explained by everyone here. xD

    Kyon x Yuki - Well...Yuki does talk to Kyon a lot and listens to his opinions. It does seem pretty alright. :3

    Kyon x Mikuru - xD I'm the first one to mention this... Hehe. Well I really liked their interactions like when they were first searching for supernatural stuff. It's pretty cute to me. <3
  9. Gods, I love Haruhi so much...

    Haruhi x Kyon - Everyone else already said... They're perfect, OTP, and what Haruhi wans, Haruhi gets.

    Mikuru -> Haruhi - ONE SIDED MIKURU TO HARUHI. based on when hey're in the snow, and everyone is visited by someone. I like to think it's who they are most into. she gets Haruhi.

    Yuki x Kyon - She doesn't want him tot go to the others, plus she's so cute I can't breathe. I ge a brother/Sister sorta thing from them, bu she likes him, as evidenced by what Ryoko says in episode 4, and the entire of book 4, and everything.

    Itsuki -> Kyon - Self explanitory.
  10. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    Ack! I forgot one more pairing I love.

    People may think I'm crazy...

    Kyon x Churuya - Nyoro-n Churuya-san series has definitely converted me. I think it's really cute how Kyon teases her. I love their interactions. <3
  11. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member


    All the times I tease about that and you go "NOOOOOO ;o;"?!? Is that why you were waiting to be shot?? =P

    But ANYWAY!

    Let's see if I can't think up a new topic.. since it's around Spring Break time (since people sometimes get it before Easter, or sometimes after) and throw out some art (which was nabbed from 4chan, so I dunno who drew any of it, and it's (c) to whoever drew it :x

    What would your favorite couple(s) do for Spring Break?

    Kyon and Yuki.. I dunno. Probably just do some cute hanging out.. talk about books or something <3!

    Haruhi and Kyon.. quite a few weeks of looking for "interesting" happenings? Hilarity ensues! <3333



    Teehee. I love this image XD


    Some genderswaping Haruhi/Kyon luff <3

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  12. Darkness of Zero

    Darkness of Zero Touhou Fanatic

    Haruhi x Kyon: Meant to be.

    Kyon x Yuki: Horribly cute.

    Haruki x Kyonko: Freaking awesome.

    Itsuko x Kyonko: Like Haruhi/Mikuru, but so much better.
  13. invisible-chan

    invisible-chan ポッキ の かみ

    I'm surprised I'm not the only one who like Yuki x Kyon. Kyonko x Yuuki is also pure love. Yay! Personally, I can see anyone with Kyon besides Haruhi and his sister. I'm sorry, but Haruhi really pisses me off... please don't hate me. I'd totally like to see crack Haruhi x Itsuki because although it's really obvious howin love with Kyon he care much for her, his worshiping makes me want to see it. Just "for the lols".
  14. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

  15. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    I just saw the season 2 ep today so I am all haruhi-high XD

    What are your favorite shippings and why?


    Kyon x Haruhi - because it's almost sort of half canon and everything and they would be pretty compatible. He would love her just for her uniqueness and everything. <333 She would love him for his personality XD I guess?

    Kyon x Mikuru - because he totally has the hots for her XDD

    Kyon x Yuki - because they seem to be similar. Both kinda not hyper.....yeah *runs*

    Haruhi x Mikuru - because Haruhi loves to feel her up and comments on her large breasts often X3

    Itsuki x Kyon - because it's yaoi and Itsuki totally loves Kyon it is obvious!

    Itsuki x Mikuru - coz he has to end up with someone right?

    Itsuki x Yuki - see reason above


  16. Skiks


    So has anyone seen the yaoi moment of the Haruhi Shorts?
    Kyon: Ja Koizumi, suki da (I love you).
    Itsuki: *Shocked expression*
    Haruhi: *Faints*
    It was all for some race they were having but it made me laugh nonetheless.
    And the only ones I could see working are Kyon x Haruhi or Mikuru X Kyon.
  17. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    lol this sure died.

    I am trying to make Alternative Shipping a lively forum as if you couldn't tell from all my posting. :']

    I saw episode one of the new season, I heard there's still filler/summer episodes so I haven't bothered to catch up yet. I might watch them today since it's raining out today, but yeah. I'm pretty disappointed with how boring this new season seems to be so far. Let's hope we get some shipping or something soon. 8|

    Anyways, I'm a huge KyonxHaruhi supporter. I don't really care about any other ships. ItsukixMikuru was pretty cute to me in the beginning, and still kind of is, but not as much.

    Haha I saw that Skiks. Pretty cute. :p
  18. Skiks


    Well the new season is about to kick in really well soon. Even if the filler episodes seem filler they do have a meaning. Here's a small clue for you though. This is supposed to be based on the Vanishment of Haruhi Light novels. Just imagine how Yuki has felt all this time if some of us are only going crazy in repeating the same episode 4-6 times already. We shall see though.
    As a bonus try and spot how many pokemon and Ultraman masks you can find at the festival they go too. You'll see the similarities.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2009
  19. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Even though I love this anime/manga/series of light novels, I've taken so long to post here! Bad me!

    What are your favorite shippings and why?
    My OTP is most definitely Kyon/Nagato Yuki. Why? Well...
    The biggest hint is, of course, all of book four. She remade the entire world (for her own sake, to help her get her emotions under control, if I am to understand right), but gave Kyon and only Kyon the option to get it back to normal. Not to mention, there was a surefire spark between her human counterpart and him. The other her blushed and smiled at him, both of which prompted very amazed and dazzled reactions out of him. And then of course, there was the scene in the hospital when he was going off to her about how if her boss took her away he'd let all hell break loose and pretty much risk destroying the world to get her back. That's some pretty fierce devotion there, don'tcha think?

    There's also hints scattered throughout numerous episodes, such as in The Day of Sagittarius, when, right before Nagato pressed the Enter key to completely turn the battle in their favor, she looked up at him for his permission, as if his opinion was the only one that mattered. He realized that deep down she wanted to win and so told her she could go ahead. Also afterward, he stopped Haruhi from rejecting the Computer Club's President's request for Nagato to come over and hang with them every now and then and told her she could if she wanted to (he was the only one who knew that she did, in fact, want to), to which she replied she come over 'every once in a while'.

    Then in Charmed at First Sight LOVER, he was unhappy that she was curious about his old junior high school friend who'd just confessed his love to her, thinking about how the human her had clung to his arm in that other reality. Afterwards, when she had told him his friend had had the power to see the Integrated Data Thought Entity, and had transferred his amazement at that to love for her, but she had now taken that power away so she seemed normal to the boy, Kyon realized that, while she acted calm as usual...
    "When you realized his confession was all just a misunderstanding, did you feel any pity about it?"
    "...A little bit."

    In Snow Mountain Syndrome, he felt something when Haruhi mentioned that Nagato had shouted his name (even though it turned out that she hadn't in the end). And in episode 6/14 (Haruhi/Kyon's episode order), she mentions wanting to go to the library with him again, which is sweet. All in all, she really only listens and talks to him, and she places him in special regard by doing so, while he is the only one who can really notice how she's feeling and and he tries to see to it that she's always about as happy as she can be. Often, he even places her welfare above Asahina-san's, whom he supposedly loves!
    I'm also quite fond of Koizumi Itsuki/Suzumiya Haruhi. There aren't nearly enough hints for the two, really, but book four supplied quite a few nice ones.
    For one, Koizumi was the only one who stayed by Haruhi's side. It's not really mentioned why, in the novels, but the boys did toss a few ideas around, one of them being that the God-like Haruhi had subconsciously willed it that way, to which Koizumi replied, "Does that mean I should be feeling honoured at being chosen by Suzumiya-san? After all, I..... Yes, I fancy Suzumiya-san."
    ".....Are you serious?!"
    "I think she's a very captivating person."

    While maybe that might be true only for the other Koizumi, I don't think it is, as later on, when Kyon first wakes up at the hospital with the other boy by his side, Koizumi outright admits that he is envious of the fact that Haruhi never left Kyon's side while he was comatose. Now, while most all hints are one-sided on Koizumi's part, I still find it interesting that Haruhi's will made him the esper. Her will gave him the job of keeping her emotionally stable, and what better way to do that than to keep in close contact with her? ;)
    I also like Kyon/Itsuki, mainly cause I find it amusing how Koizumi always invades Kyon's personal space, making him get uncomfortable. Oh, and the fanart's hot. 'Nuff said.
    Yeah, I kinda like what they've done with season two so far. It's entertaining to watch the episodes and play 'Spot the Difference'. Still, they could've combined many of the slight changes per episode into one episode for the impatient people, or just made this whole charade a movie (think Groundhog Day).
  20. Hitmonseth

    Hitmonseth Bad Egg Seth

    I agree with ItsukiXHaruhi! I think that Itsuki really likes her and is jealous of Kyon's position with Haruhi.
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