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The Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by storywrit3r, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    Welcome to my Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana Fan Club!
    This club for people who love Miley and Hannah! This is the first Club for Miley and Hannah lovers, so come on and join!​

    1. The Forum Rules
    2. You must love Miley or Hannah.
    3. NO SPAM.
    4.To make sure you read these rules, you must include your favorite song sung by Miley/Hannah in your first post, along with a few things that you like/love about either of them.
    5. Anyone is allowed to start a new topic and anyone can join!
    6. Do not be a n00b.
    7. If you want your Art to be shown for this club, PM me first, with the link to show me it. Also include the artist's name, even if it's yourself. I will most likely post it as long as it focuses on this club.
    10. If you break ANY rule, you will receive a warning. Three warnings earns you a one week ban, and three one week bans earn you a permanent ban.
    11. You may not be a Co-owner unless I say so.
    12. Co-owners and Myself are the only ones allowed to approve new members.
    13. I am a MALE
    14. There are two sections for rankings; one for Miley Fans and one for Hannah Fans. Please post which one you like more. (This includes Co-Owners-only one per "area")



    Cyber Cyclone

    Awesome Rockers:

    Famous and Popular:

    On the way to Stardom:

    Crazed Fans:
    Mimori Kiryu
    gtab x3
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2008
  2. Ichigo101

    Ichigo101 Behold my Wrath! >:D

    My favorite song is by Miley Cyrus and it's Start All Over! Miley is definately my favorite of the two.(even though they are the same person)

    So can I join?
  3. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I don't really watch the show, but I'm a fan of Miley in general. My favorite song is definitely See You Again. It's rolling around in my head as you read this. XD I enjoy some of her other songs but I've yet to memorize them. I'll get to it eventually. =3
  4. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    could I please join? I am a male too. I can't choose my fav song it is either Rockstar, If We Were A Movie or I Got Nerve. Well I am a Mily Fan since I don't like Hannahs Blonde Hair With Brown Steaks but I likce both of them but you can put me in the Miley Fan Section.
  5. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    Yea, you can all join. Still looking for Co-Owners who can be deticated..
  6. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    well I was third to post I know but I would love to be co-owner and I would be very dedicated and you can ask Normalize the owner of the club I am mainly in so far I am not even co-owner or secobd highest rank memeber after co-owner yet I post just aboiut every day if I am on the computer. if you are strictly wanting someone who was one of the first 2 then I can understand but I would love to join. oh and you know you can trust a fellow boy right ;).

  7. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    Sorry for the double post but I just don't want this club to die so I will start a topic.
    Would You Preffer If Miley Cyrus Gave Up The Hannah Act And Just Preformed As Herself Instead Of Hannah Or Would You Preffer Her TO Keep Preforming As Hannah?

    I would like it if she preformed as herself personly.

  8. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    may i join!? my favourite songs are nobodys perfect, i wanna be a rockstar, and who said
    i can't decide?
    i love hannah montana better.

    so can i join?!
  9. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    Cyber, you can be Co-Owner.

    gtab x3 welcome.

    Would You Prefer Only Miley Preforming, or Hannah & Miley?
    Only Miley! It's getting annoying that she keeps switiching. It's like she has a multiple personality disorder. Sorry, but it's true. She acts that way a lot, even though she has no problems at all.

    ^Kinda re-worded the topic. It was rather long.
  10. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    Oh ok no prob and thankyou for naming me co-owner or the Miley fans^^. Mk and I have been inactive for a while huh? Should we have a rule that if we are like away for more than 2 weeks without informing you me or the other co-owneryou will get then they are out? Well whatever...

  11. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    No, it's fine. I'm inactive sometimes. If anyone would like to be Co-Owner tell me and your wish is granted. I hope we can get new members.
  12. Alf-the-Alfa

    Alf-the-Alfa Member

    Hehe... I'm not surprised not many people are joining.

    But what the hell, I'll join. I can't stand the show, but she's a decent singer and a WAY better role model than most other child stars her age.*Cough*Jamie Lynn Spears*Cough*

    Oh, and I'm more partial to Miley.
  13. Cyber Cyclone

    Cyber Cyclone Claimed.

    I am pretty sure you can yeah sure you can join. Welcome to the club.

  14. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    Yes, welcome. I'll add you right away. I've got a topic.

    Would you run up to Miley Cyrus if you saw her somewhere?
    I would. Mostly because I would want to piss off my sister.
  15. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    Welll...... maybe because i am not a big fan of miley but more to hanneah and it would depend where she is and how i can get to her....

    I would want her to be hannah montana and miley and switch out this makes you a better personality and more fun. makes a better personality
  16. Kikkoman

    Kikkoman Well-Known Member

    I'm probably not into HM as much as all of you are, but still. I'm male too; my friend likes it, and he got me to watch it once, and it wasn't as bad as i thought. I prefer Miley Cyrus more than Hannah Montana; as Hannah, it's too different. Besides, when it comes to singing, it's the same person! My fav song (I don't have too many) is One in a Million. Who Said is ok, but I really like "1/1 mil".
    Hmmm....Would you run up to Miley Cyrus if you saw her somewhere?
    Definitely. 2 reasons; firstly, at my age, it's ok to say that I think she's hawt! I'm only like 6 months older, so that's more than ok :p
    Secondly, if I did, then it would probably please her to not have someone screaming "OMFG ITS HANNAH MONTANA PLZ AUTOGRAPH MY CDZ!!!!"; rather it would be 'Hey Miley, how are you?'
    So could I join? :p
  17. storywrit3r

    storywrit3r Coordinator <3

    kikkoman, you can join. I really wish this Club would become popular. Oh, well....
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