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The Miltank episode just got more interesting (pic!)

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by CyberCubed, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    Don't do it. I'll miss you.:(

    I think Turtwig in the maid outfit is absolutely disturbing.
  2. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    Am I the only one who finds it amusing how Turtwig is balancing a serving tray on its back? Or maybe I'm just desperate to find something meaningful that hasn't already been stated. I'm eager to see Croagunk in a maid outfit, and of course, El Dios Muku.

    I would imagine that a certain fanart site that specializes in suggestive fan service will have a field day with this.
  3. King Of Steel

    King Of Steel I'MA USE AYSE PHANG!

    Why would you miss me? XD I'm not some close friend of yours or whatsoever.

    And yes, Turtwig in that is quite disturbing. Is it... gender-confused?

    To heck with it. In fact, all the Pokémon who wear it are gender-confused.
  4. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    Are there any summeries with these pics, is that all there is?
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  5. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    I was kidding...-_-

    Pokemon in general is gender-confused.
  6. mystkmastkal

    mystkmastkal Well-Known Member

    whats this the third or fourth time as has crossed dress in the anime?
  7. King Of Steel

    King Of Steel I'MA USE AYSE PHANG!

    Oh, can you not sense the sarcasm coating my words?

    And Ash will have crossdressed the third time when the episode airs.
  8. ShadowDragon16

    ShadowDragon16 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if All of Ash's Pokemon get crossdressed. I would love to see how Buizel would react dressing up like that.
  9. Pikachu and Ash and Turtwig in a dress! OMG!
  10. Naraku_Diabolos

    Naraku_Diabolos DNC20/NIN10

    It's not a maid outfit, it's a waitress' outfit. A maid is a woman servant or another term to call a girl a virgin. A waitress, and everyone SHOULD know this, is a hostess at a restuarant that serves food or drinks to people at tables (duh).

    You're also forgetting that if they are headed to Celestic Town, they would have to pass the Psyduck with headaches, or they could be in this episode.
  11. Pors

    Pors Active Member

    Is it just me or is Ash actually wearing pearls?
  12. scizorking

    scizorking Member

    0_0 They created monsters
  13. daveshan

    daveshan My little friend

    I just realized something.

    Ok, so we all agree that Dawn looks beautiful in her maid outfit.

    Well, going on that, guess what Ash is covering up here:
  14. razr12

    razr12 Your Mom's Trainer

    Ash wearing a maid's suit? That's an ugly scene...
  15. King Of Steel

    King Of Steel I'MA USE AYSE PHANG!

    I wonder what Brock will look like if he wears one like Dawn and Ash. XD

    Possibly close to how he dresses up at home at the Pewter Gym while he cooks.
  16. Naraku_Diabolos

    Naraku_Diabolos DNC20/NIN10

    NOT maid; WAITRESS! They are at a restuarant. Dawn is shown with a serving tray with a glass of milk on it. She's not a maid because that would be a person who is hired to clean up and maintain a house/hotel. Of course, all you young ones are probably meaning a 'virgin' when saying maid >_>

    THAT was a maid, not a waitress.

    Do ANY of you people remember the cafe you battle at in D/P? You fight waitresses. Not maids.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  17. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Oh My Gosh! Insane! Wow!

    They're all in waitress outfits. Dawn looks okay.The Pokemon are funny. Looks at Ash AHAHAHAHA.
  18. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    Who cares if they are maid or waitresses? I mean, really.
  19. King Of Steel

    King Of Steel I'MA USE AYSE PHANG!

    I never said "maid" once in this thread. Why am I being dragged into stuff I never started? ;_;

    Oh, woe is me.
  20. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario

    Being the Phoenix Wright fan that I am, am I the only one who's reminded of the 3rd case in PW3, where Maya is forced to be put in a waitress outfit to work at Tres Bien? Now we just need a perverted old man and we'll be set for life. =)


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