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The Misc Rap Battle

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Pansy :]

Oh look, Jenny isn't posting in blue... this must be important...

Rap battles: So simple yet so amusing.
First person starts with a four liner, and the last words of the first two lines must rhyme, and same goes for the last word of the third and fourth lines.
Here's an example from the general chat thread:

Yo man you ain't the boss
You sure aren't awesomesauce
Ya need a little bit of a beatin
So you can learn your place, ya cretin

You have a problem with your brain
Now are you stupid, or insane?
Look here, pal. You think you got a chance?
I can easily take you down, and kick yo butt to France

My username is Remorph, and I'm here to put you down
You think you are so great, I think you are a clown
My rhymes are so awesome, this forum is on fire
You think you stand a chance? Don't be such a liar.

winning makes it fun
The loser better run
Some shit's going down
So you better get out of town

What are you thinking? Now you've gone and lost
Now admit defeat, or I'll show you who is boss.
The winner is me,and you know it to be true
Just go and ask Chuck Norris who went and knocked him black and blue.

Your think your all great
But prepare to meet your fate
You were born to lose
Now go away foo's

Your head is like a tow truck, you carry ugly far
Now let me show you ugly mugs how to be a star
Your words are like Obamacare, way too long
So hightail it out of here, and go away. BEGONE!

I'm not going down
The worst you'll do is make me frown
You just think your a little clown
Your talent has drowned

Yo momma so fat, she needed cheat codes
to play wii fit, because she weighed loads
It's time to end this rap, once and for all
I'll beat you so badly, all you will do is crawl

I won't give in
You'll never win!
I could beat you in my sleep
I hope my words cut deep

You must be asleep, this is too easy
My words are pwning, making you queasy
All of Serebii will agree as I do
That my rhymes are better then your two cent ballyhoo

You think you stand a chance?
You've clearly never been through this whole song and dance
Rap is a form of art
But your is just a fart

That was only between two people, but it can work with any ammount.
People who do this:


allcaps lol
will be shunned and violently rapped at.
And for crying out loud guys, let's try to limit our foul language here... I know it's rapping, but were still on a pokemon forum.

I stuck this in polls since some people may just end up using it for a postcount boost, so rap away!

And remember, as Innocent Bystander so kindly worded it:

When people rap battle, nobody wins.


What she's sayin I have no clue
Cause she's the gurl who writes in blue
Guess it's not important to me
When it's a thread by Jenny123

Yo' gurl I mean no scald
Since hatin' on you is gettin' old
Hang in there, and understand
We'll stop hatin' when Skarm's unbanned

Big jokes y'all
Hey, I don't understand. What's with all the hate?
I don't even get it, it's not even very great.
But well, whatever I'll beat you with rap.
And while I do it I may take a nap.

(I'm a terrible rapper, and look I actually came into misc 0_0)


Whilst my rhymes seemed pretty weak,
They commentated on the hatin' clique
Of misc my friend, so don't diss me
I got nothin' wrong with Jenny123


burning it down
I could do with some sleep,
Before I start to weep.
But music's keeping me awake,
After this rap I may bake.

(As you can tell, my rapping abilities are A+)


Sleeping's good, when we close our eyes
We dream about stuff, to our surprise
But don't think dreams are ever fake
Since we can still dream when we're awake
Hey a new rapper, what is shakin'?
Oh and by the way what you bakin'?
Wait never mind, I don't care.
All your raps are emotionless as a chair!

(Lol, I'm just kidding, don't take any offense to my terrible raps)


burning it down
That's called a daydream is it not?
Or something else that I forgot.
Speaking of which, where are my keys?
I hope I didn't leave them in the trees.

(I think I'll leave this thread forever now.)
Hey hey hey! What's the dreamin' about?
I hope you aren't dreaming about trout.
What am I saying? Hope it doesn't make you frown.
'Cause then you'd look like, a very sad clown.
If mine is worse, you sayin' yours are better?
Come on, your raps have the IQ of cheddar.
And besides, jenny said not to curse.
If you defy the rules it may destroy the universe.

Come on jen, just try to defeat me to pieces!
'Cause I can still rap, with a mouthful of Reeses!
Now you just got burned!
Look how the tables turned!
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I don't think that y'all understand
My typin' talent that's at my hands
My finger's goin, I'mma rhymin' overlord
I guess this is why it's called a key-bored
Well the keys get bored when they see you typin'!
Your a rapping fruit, waiting for your raps to ripen.
I'm da best, rapper on Earth!
Why don't you just rap, on your own turf?

Just try to beat me!
My rapping's better by three!
Though that may be not very much.
No one can escape, my evil rapping clutch!
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Jenny my friend, get an eyesight test
Because my rhyming skills lack contest
'Cause I pack a punch, gurl, lyrically
Float like a butterfly- STING LIKE A BEE
it's Lil c to the r to the ck double e
bet none of y'all think much of me
what's a rap without a little cussin'
b*tches don't know so why they fussin'


Sometime's yo' text might get mundane
But we use politics, and not the profane
Words behind stars are meaningless
And yo' rapping skills sure ain't the best


Well-Known Member
You guys got nothing, you suck like ticks
I sure am really the G6 G6
Lets get down with da battle, and everyone will fail
Against my raps, which everyone shall hail!
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