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The Misty Mermaid (061)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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The Misty Mermaid!

Back Into Cerulean City, Misty has been asked to help out with a new performance by her sisters. She decides to help for this underwater play with Pokémon, but Team Rocket arrive and ruin things. Will she survive?

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Blaziken's Emberz

Ying, first post! This was one of the episodes that showed a ton of Pokéshipping. I think when Ash saw Misty in that dress. He stared at Misty lovingly. When Team Rocket came, Ash didn't want them to lay a finger on Misty, so that shows a lot. It's a Pokéshipping episode.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
FlamingRuby said:
Is it just me, or does Misty bear an uncanny resemblance to Ariel, the Disney mermaid?
Duh, nothing theatre in Pokemon is original. "Pokemon in Love" flattened you with a smack of "Romeo and Juliet". THey're all generally ripoff of something or another. (They even rip off Pokemon Mangas but that's a spoiler.)


*sweatdrops* lol

Well anyway, this episode I think is my favorite! ^^ Maybe cuz' of all the AAML in it!? ;) I dunno.. :p

But I love this episode!
I wish Misty could always have long hair! ^^ She is so beautiful with it! ^^

Perfect Darkness

You are right, she looks beautiful with long hair. But Misty is sort of boyish, so it is always up. She has plenty of girl moments, but portrays her fair share of boyish ways. I am all for pokeshipping, and yes, this was a kajor pokeshipping episode. It is not my favorite, but I saw another side to Ash and Misty. ;144;

Shiny May

Misty looks good with the long hair and funny how both Brock and Ash were amazed at Misty in a mermaid outfit
I liked how she swam in the water and the under water battle. It was really cool and Weezing floating to surface looked funny !!! :D


^I agree Shiny May. This episode is one of my favorites and it's pretty cute and funny. Poor Psyduck. He's couldn't swim. It's a shame that Misty let Starmie and Horsea stay with her sisters...but this episode was kawaii! :D

Starmie Arbok

My favorite part of this episode was how Jesse's Arbok was able to "Surf" or stay under water and battle for an extended period of time. And also how well Misty did controling of all the water Pokemon to battle [Starmie, Seeking, Seel, and Dewgong]. She really knows how to handle water Pokemon! However... I didn't like Pikachu blasting off Team Rocket at the end. I think the Water Pokemon should have had all the fun!


Well-Known Member
Misty was awesome in this episode! She was beautiful in the mermaid outfit! She looked years older then she really is, she looked like she was 16 and not 10.

The AAML content was great. Ash should have been the prince!!! :)

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I want to know where I can get one of those little breather things that Ash and the others use in this episode. I know they really exist (I've seen photos), but apparently they're only available in Japan - it'd be cool to have one of those.


the Misty Mermaid is my all time favorite episode, because this episode is practicly all about Misty! ^_^ oh and cute little seal evolves into a even more cuter dewgong!!

Koffing Breeder

This episode was great... We get to see Misty in a skimpy mermaid costume!!! She looks really pretty in that episode! Some of the material in it was well though out too like Weezing floating to the top of the water!

anti legendary

i thought this episode was proof that misty really is very pretty. IMO, she looked better then any other female character in this. i liked it, it was entertaining


Team Awesome
I do like this episode, though it's too bad that Misty didn't get Horsea and Starmie back until she took over the gym in season six. I really liked Horsea, and I can't wait for Pokemon Chronicles to start so I can see the two pokemon again. I like how Misty offered to give them Psyduck, and they said "We're not that desparate". ;) I also wonder why Team Rocket didn't just use ekans to escape the ship in "Pokemon Shipwreck", since Arbok proves here that it can handle being underwater just fine (and it really kicked butt in battle! :D ).

I still don't like Misty's sisters, but they're the only real downside of this episode.


I loved this episode. Too bad Horsea and Starmie didn't get much airtime.

Anyways, Misty looks liek she is 16 years old and more mature.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
One of the best filler episodes around. Pity that Misty had to leave Horsea and Starmie with her sisters in the end.