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The Misty Mermaid (061)


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Misty was pretty hot looking in the Mermaid Costume. Seel Evolving was awesome. Although she left Horsea and Starmie here at least she kept Psyduck


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I love this epi too, makes Misty look much older, and therefore makes Pokemon seem more believable, cos what parent in their right mind would acctually let their 10 year old kids loose in a world with giant, oversized bees that get angry mighty fast!! Wish horsea had stayed with Misty cos he never got enough air time and now of course has even less!! He's just such a cutie ^^
Misty looked so much better in here than she normally does, ^^, and this was a good Misty episode


Wasn't anyone surprised that after evolving from Seel,Dewgong got a higher voice which sounded weird since it evolved from a pokemon with such a low voice?


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i lkiked misty w/ long hair


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One of my all time favorite episodes Misty looks so pretty in her mermaid outfit and much more like a girl with her hair let down. Also I bet Ash really liked seeing Misty in her outfit. Seeing Seel evolve into Dewgong was pretty neat and I got a laugh out of Psyduck but the animators left one glaring mistake in this episode with Arbok underwater so long it should have drown.


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This was certainly one of the greatest Misty episodes ever! She really did look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid in fact, this episode and Lovedisc Is A Many Splendored Thing which was in Pokemon Chronicles remind me of that movie. But that fact might have been one of the reasons why Misty was sad when she had to return home after the 5th season at least Daisy, Lilly and Violet were nice to Misty in the Chronicles episodes.


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Misty was awesome in this episode. I loved this episode, it showed how awesome water pokemon are, and graceful too! I loved Misty in the mermaid costume, too. @.@
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Ask yourselves how you can be around swimming in the water after like 3 minutes and take one little breath :/ lol pretty ridiculous i think

Also this was before she put on that oxygen thing when she saw team rocket.


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I love this episode! I love any episode that focuses on Misty.


Don't die, ketchup!
I love this episode! I love any episode that focuses on Misty.


Don't die, ketchup!
I love this episode! I love any episode that focuses on Misty.

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This was one of my all time favorite pokemon episodes.Misty really shined in this episode,and was beautiful with her hair down in mermaid costume.This episode truly showed her love towards water pokemon and it was fun to watch how Ash and Brock were amased when they saw her in underwater play.The battle with Team Rocket was also very interesting,and we also got to see seals evolution in dewgong.Overall a excellent Misty centered episode.


when i sdaw this episode i thought it was the first episode with ariel the mermaid in it, i'll give this a 8/10.


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this is one of the best episodes ever... excluding the likes of Cerulean Blue and a couple of the other chronicles episodes with Misty. In my opinion Misty looks better than Violet and Lily in this episode.


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I gotta say, Misty looks really pretty with her hair down. She should wear it down more often, I say ^_^ I quite enjoyed that watery show ^^ And that pic of Misty and Horsea in the first post? Too cute! <3 Bravo!


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This was a great episode. If you ignore the fact that Arbok was under water way to long, that was so cool. I loved when Jessie and James entered instead of the vilain that was suppose to. When Ash and Brock running in to save the day was cool. Seel evolving made the battle even cooler. The part I thought was espically funny was when they suggested Ash leave pikachu and Misty leave togipi. I think many people would have loved to see Misty leave togepi behind and take horsea instead.