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The Monty Python Fan Club! Ni!

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*Approved by PsiUmbreon, of course*
The Monty Python Club!
At last, Sppf has a place where people may appreciate the best comedic team ever.
Dedicated to the memory of Graham Chapman, R.I.P.
Seen the show? Or the movies?
If you liked either, here is the place to talk about it.
Discussion on Spamalot is encouraged.
In case you were wondering, I'm American, but I wish I were British.
They have a far superior sense of humor.
TWO CO-OWNERS WANTED! (must have been a member 4 months or longer to apply)
Infinite Master Sceptile
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Well-Known Member
I really don't think that co-owner rule is fair myself, but whatever >>

I love Monty Python. The first thing of their's was The Holy Grail. (Majestik moose =o)

I then watched some of the T.V. Show, and...IIRC...the Life of Brian.

I want to be a Knight of...*looks around, and whispers the word* Ni. [/whisper]

=o *flees*


I'm in, Monty Python is awesome.

My father and I were in HMV looking for a Final Fantasy game and he came across Life of Brian and he said that it was one of the funniest things he had ever seen, so we got it, and ever since I have loved it.

I ahve seen the three Movies: Life of Brian, Meaning of life and Holy Grail, but my favourite has been Holy Grail, XD.


*raises her hand*...I would love to be in the club!

Of course my favorite routine from the show is The Lumberjack Song!
Would you like to be a co-owner, Skru-Chan?
The rule is to prevent n00bs from asking.


What is your favorite sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus

As I said before in my first post...The Lumberjack Song sketch. Plus, Ministry of Silly Walks and Twit of the Year.

Blaziken master

Can I join?My fave sketches are the spanish inquisition and the bishop

Lil Eevee

Eevee Lover <(^;^)>
I would love to join Monty Phyton club its the funniest thing on earth!!!

and my fave sketch is the ministry of silly walks, and twit of the year (or was it village idiot?) and also the movies are funny too!
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