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The most annoying thing I've found in pokemon is...


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Definetly......The Battle Tower and it's inmense Hax.
It is so annoying when if I say I use a Giratina on my team, people go all, "OMG U LOSER!! THTS AN UBERRR U KNOW!!!!!11!!! U SUCCK FOR USING IT LOL!!!!" As you can tell from my sig, I DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. TIERS!!! Which brings me to my next point. I don't see why everyone is SO OBSESSED with tiers! All it does is make the game more complicated than it needs to be. If you want to use a pokemon, use it, regardless of WHAT tier it is in.


That is why this can't work.

For non-uber PokeMon, though, I kind of agree with this person. Having one or two OU PokeMon on your team should not class that team as an OU team. That just doesn't make sense. Heatran dies from a Golem's EQuake and a Machamp's EQuake all the same. =/


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I don't know why but the battle frontier just makes me so angry. I guess i just don't have the apptitude to battle competivley or don't have the ability to beat the battles tower's incredible hax


New Member
The fact that you can't register two Key Items in D/P/Pt, with the Y Button and Select Button. Select's just a redundant button now. I hate switching between Bike & VS Seeker.

Amen to that! Especially after your done with the elite 4 and you have a ton of key items to scroll through


shellos is so annoying. i was looking for a roaming legendary (namely, zapdos) and i looked for like 5 minutes and all i found was these freakin shellos. the worst part is that when you meet them they have this cheesy grin. that really ticks me off

newmoon island

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Pokemon contests. I can never beat the master rank.