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The most appealing part.......


New Member
I was just wondering what people find the most appealing about the games(the ACTUAL games). For me it's not training the pokemon to level 100 like some but the journey on the way; finding what attacks they learn, the stat growth and battling with them. I also love the idea of having a vast array of pokemon to choose from in my box.


Skarmory Rider
The most appealing part to me is that I can make my own special teams with carefully thought out movesets and items. And also finding all the items and one-of-a-kind pokemon like Spiritomb and Rotom.

Misty's Double

Well-Known Member
Most appealing part for me is the journey, definitely. The constant grafting can get to be just too much, but the journey- especially when you know little about it previous to starting it- is just so satisfying. <3
Just playing it for me. :)


Filling my pokedex and making teams to play against my friends are my favorite parts.

Metal Force

Not one thing, but alot of things, one of'em is thinking of competive team movets..etc, I also like to catch/evolve/breed/trade to expand my pokedex..gotta catch'em all XD.


I <3 Skuntank
I like exploring random routes and raising Pokemon. Also, when evolving for my dex, I love taking weak Pokemon and training them against other weak Pokemon. I know giving them exp. share and beating the elite 4 is faster, but my way is more fun and it gives me experience with using all sorts of Pokemon I'd never normally raise. For example, I trained a Corphish yesterday. I never knew how fun Corphish is to use. I might even use it on my team!


Owning people on Wifi, Training cool Pokemon.