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The Most Disturbing Thing


Fighting Type Prof.
In the journey of our lives, we encounter people who are...special little snowflakes, to put it nicely. Here, I want to know what the most disturbing/disgusting/weird thing you've ever heard.

It can be either first hand, or read online/newspapers/ect.

I'll start.

A few years back, I was dating this young man. Things were going rather well (aside from him being a tad clingy), until about three months into the relationship.

We had gotten a pizza and went back to his place to watch "The Watchmen". When the film was over, he said to me that there was something he wanted to tell me--a "dark secret" he had been keeping to himself and was unsure of how I would take it.

The secret?

.....He, for a unspecified amount of time, had an incestious relationship with his older sister. He had sex with his sister. Mind you, this is not a Step-sister or even Half-sister, this was his blood sister--same mother, same father.

Shortly after telling me that little gem, he was commited to an insane asylum. Needless to say, I dumped him.

So, that's the most disturbing thing I have ever been told, what about you?

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Shade in Shades
my neighbour, he has sex every other night with his girlfriend (he's 18/19), groan, and his bedroom is right through the wall from mine (our houses are connected) and it keps me up. it is so gross (i'm 11)


I have sex every other night with my girlfriend, and theres this 11 year old kid (our houses are connected) that i overhear fapping furiously every single time im trying to make love to my girlfriend. it is so gross (i'm 19)


WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo


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several experiences with rule 34 ;___; i can't forget things as easily as my browsing history can.


He Returns.
Last week, there was this girl who was singing "I'm Sexy and I Know it." I wouldn't want to be rude, but that would be like if someone takes a crap on your face is a good thing. I was like "Eww, look at that ugly chick in my mind." It sounded as if it was your parents in the other room, and you can hear them as if they were in earshot.

Eventually, I took a stand and told her "You're ugly and you show it." Everyone laughed. She pushed me. It was still funny.


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The most distubring things its happening pretty now T_t what's going on is a spider is having spider sex with spider twilight sparkle (she became a spiper once she made a spide spell (became spider)
[bold]ITS SCAREY[/bolb]

Peter Quill

One kid for his speech in English class made one on how we should make all people with special needs go through gladiatorial combat.

He also said something about 'kentucky fried fetus' or something like that. Needless to say I don't talk to him.


Haters Gonna Hate
The video of that experiment with a severed dog head functioning normally because it is hooked up to a pump... that's morbid, dark and disturbing...
I read an article in Rolling Stone about a detective who spends most of his day chatting with child molesters over the Internet. He pretends to be a young boy interested in sexual relationships with older men. The article talked about the sort of people he has to deal with and their rather creepy fetishes. He has to go through all that so the police can lure these people out and arrest them. I don't know how he deals with a job like that. I know if I had his job, I wouldn't find it easy to sleep at night.


Master of Sand
When someone told me about the "Miracle of Birth" video we had to watch in Health Class.

Now, my Health Class wasn't until Cycle 4 (This day + pass 20-30 days + 2 more days) so I had a lot of time to think about graphic Pregenacy


Guess who's back
@Barkingrat, if that was my job i'd go to sleep easily and also with a big sense of achievment for the good i'm doing.


Black & Yellow
My huge a $$ D*ck
I remember i saw these 2 guys making out, i was like, "what has society come to?"

Grey Wind

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I haven't really seen many disturbing things in everyday life, but my science teacher did tell me of certain women who make "placenta pie", which in my opinion sounds a tad messed up.

'kentucky fried fetus'.
I... actually laughed aloud at this :x

My huge a $$ D*ck
I remember i saw these 2 guys making out, i was like, "what has society come to?"

This fits the "what has society come to" bill a lot more than what you described.


What do you have against gay people? :l
It's okay to have your own opinion but I don't see anything wrong with liking someone of the same sex.

because its disgusting to see.

if 2 guys wanna be gay and do their own thing, let them, i have nothing against that. i have more important things to concern my life about than if a couple of faggots wanna oil each other up.
but just dont do it in public, nobody wants to see that shit.