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The Most Ridiculous Move Animation I Have Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Battle Revolution (Hidden)' started by Swiftrz & Milotic, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Swiftrz & Milotic

    Swiftrz & Milotic Feed me a stray cat

    I just saw the move Seismic Toss performed for the first time in a Wi-fi battle.

    Not ever in my time on PBR have I laughed that hard. I almost kept that Machamp alive just so I could see it again. Almost.
  2. Pseudo-Unlegendary

    Pseudo-Unlegendary I be an Exotic One

    Honestly, anything involving water when we are o n land is kind of stupid e.g. Surf, Waterfall.
  3. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    hmm to me is when vileplume fainted. it flattens first! oh my.
  4. I think it's when flying Pikachu uses Fly. It's supposed to be supported by Balloons, yet it just looks completely ****ed
  5. Pseudo-Unlegendary

    Pseudo-Unlegendary I be an Exotic One

    What about Surf, I swear to most people Surf is a medium between Water Gun and Hydro Pump, so every time I see Pikachu using Surf, I think of Pikachu using Water Gun for some reason.
  6. Sapphire Kirby

    Sapphire Kirby Evaluation time!

    Not really a move, but an animation. When Honchcrow faints, It falls down, adjust its Hat-thing, then falls again! I always find that funny.
  7. dragontamer98

    dragontamer98 Modern Genocide

    ^ the Jigglypuff faint animation was pretty funny in my opinion.
    I also find it weird if you use a Gyarados and Aqua Tail, he charges with his head but never uses his tail.
  8. doku888

    doku888 Where am I?

    It's not legit, but I remember seeing a hacked Wailord use crunch.... It ddn't really opeen it's mouth at all, just kinda rammed into the Suicune....
  9. GengarsRevenge

    GengarsRevenge Well-Known Member

    I haven't played PBR, BUT I remember in Pokemon Stadium Snorlax used metronome which became fly. So yeah, you just see a big fatty sleeping in mid-air.
  10. zodiacsage

    zodiacsage Challenge Seeker

    I agree the animation for Jigglypuff is pretty funny when it faints, and I also think it is weird about the Gyarados animation when it uses Aqua Tail as well.
  11. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    Kirlia fainting looks kinda weird. The weirdest is still seeing a Blissey using Seismic Toss.
  12. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Just saw a Chansey using Seismic Toss on a Dugtrio. First Chansey sort of danced over to the Dugtrio, then it tossed it into space, we saw that Dugtrio still has dirt underneath it, and it crash-landed back in the stadium. How is that not the most ridiculous thing ever? It was just so funny I couldn't stop laughing at how absurd it all was :p
  13. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    ^that is funny, but onto the subject. Seeing a lickitung use mega kick is funny and cool and the same time.
  14. swampert55

    swampert55 Well-Known Member

    Vileplume fainting animation has not changed since Colosseum.

    Anyway, I once Seismic Tossed a Dialga using an Omastar. Oddly, it doesn't even move while in the air.

    -At least Jumpluff doesn't have a square shadow anymore.
  15. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Yeah Vileplume fainting sure is hilarious like it has a stomach ache
  16. yuzke

    yuzke Well-Known Member

    i dont think seismic toss is the most ridiculous move in PBR,
    its the funniest one, theres so many skills animations that dont have sense
    like some pokemon when they use aqua tail and they dont use their tail to
    attack, hi jump kick looks boring, surf is to over the top ... etc
  17. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    when primeape used cross chop, he flies by flutter kick in the air and then slap lol!
    what a cool kung fu!
  18. the Animation was too hilarious.
  19. TheDarkrai

    TheDarkrai Magic Bounce Espeon!

    Since I got PBR my friend and I battle on there every time opposed to using the DS. Considering we're both major users of Ubers, we often are awe-inspired by those legendary moves such as Dark Void, Spacial Rend and Roar of Time.
  20. Aggron459

    Aggron459 Aron Is Beast

    Solarbeam. In DS games, it shoots from the mouth. Now, the shoot it into the air, and down to the opponent.
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