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The most Users Online @ a time

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hello, im back sorta
Hey everyone, I just noticed the, "People Online," thing @ the bottom has a mot users on at once. I say, we create a date to break this record! Maybe people have stopped using the forums, or some people, have joined, but I KNOW, that we can do it! XD Post below for date ideas and so forth.

-Please don't Spam
-Please don't double Post
-Please Respect Seribii Rules
-Please Don't complain if a date that doesn't work for you is decided on, we could do this more than once, and really it's not a hude deal
-Please have fun
-Please don't notice how many times I used Please

For 2012, I was thinking sometime near the Winter Solstice and Christmas, or I also think it would be best to do it in 2013, because I want a lot of users to go on. The record is in the 2,000s, so a ton of people have to see this thread. I am going to put a link to thisin my Sig, and I hope you guys do too, because popularity of this thread is key and if not a lot of people see this, then we would have to rely on the amount of people already online at a certain time.

Somewhere between 4:00 and 7:00 probably, because this is a lot of time for people to log on, and except for those people that have work, or even school, (I guess staying late,) would maybe miss it, it seems like a good central time.

Of course, none of the information above is anything of matter, it's just what I was thinking. I want you to decide and discuss. Thank you!


Still Dirrty
It won't happen, so I'll save you the trouble by closing this thread.
Not open for further replies.