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The Mystery of The Elites


The Mystery of The Elites

History: When the world of Luseryth was created the Gods were in shock. Ryfil was not yet trained in the art of world creating and so naturally the other gods were worried at the fate of such a world.

Their nervousness was not without cause. In the past, worlds created without training had become desolate masses with dwindling populations. As it is the Gods duty to create beautiful worlds in which the peoples can thrive and be happy. Therefore an act such as that which Ryfil had committed was considered criminal unless the world was up to standards of course. As a result the Gods decided to keep a close watch on Luseryth. Many years passed and the peoples of Luseryth were thriving in the new world. The Gods decided that the world was good and got on with other Godly business.

Ryfil became worried. The other Gods had not noticed the other realm parallel to Luseryth. Nivilon was the opposite of everything that Luseryth was. And it boarders were getting closer to the boarders of Luseryth. Ryfil came to the people that dwelled in Luseryth to warn them of the coming danger. The ruling monarch took immediate action, assembling an army with which they planned to stabilise the immanent threat.

The Current Situation: The war has begun and the peoples of Luseryth have grossly underestimated the power of the Rades (the warriors of Nivilon). Battles are erupting on the outlying regions. Many of these are in stalemates with both side suffering heavy losses. In the midst of the warring the monarch is looking for ways to escape the feared Shadow Warriors. They read of an ancient series of underground tunnels which thieves once used to escape the authorities of the Monarch. These tunnels are said to be protected by the leaders of the Thieves guild who according to the records doesn’t exist.

The Monarch create a team of elite soldiers whose sole task is to track down the leaders Thieves guild. After much searching the elite team found that the Thieves have favoured the Rades. The Monarch has become cautious and is now using the elites to protect the 9 major cities. None of the cities are safe anymore, each of the elites has been ordered to retreat back to the capital. The cities are organised in a circle around the capital city, simply called Capital City. As each moves back they are faced with the challenges of keeping up morale, fighting and working together to take out the immanent threat.
This is where you people come in.
Each person will take on the role of one of these elites.

Extra Information:
The Rades physiology is as such. They have a dar blue to black skin colour. They are around 7 foot tall and have incredibly thick hides. This therefore means that spears, arrows and swords are effectively useless. The warriors have learnt that war hammers, and some axes are the only plausible options. While intelligence is a somewhat lacking trait, they make up for it with strength and bravery. They have long arms stretching to around knee height. Rades wear no armour as their hide protect them.

The Shadow Warriors on the other hand are quite different. They are quite fast, 5 feet high, and much more humanlike. They are cunning and careful. Intelligence and intuition are a Shadow warrior’s strongest weapons. They are skilled in deception and are commonly described as silver-tongued. Little else is known about them.
Point to note there are 9 of these plus the Master Shadow Warrior who is said to be nigh invincible while the others still live.

There are three races that dwell in Luseryth. Humans, Elves and Dwaves
Humans: Range through all skin types from dark in the west to to a more lighter skin in the east.
Elves: dwell in the woods in the south. Are usually taller than humans, being around 7 foot or so. They have keen eyesight being able to tell subtle differences from long range. Elves are known for their ability to think quickly but are physically weaker than the other races due to their thin physique.
Dwarves: found in the mountains in the north. They are the shortest race measuring around 4 foot some taller ones getting to 4foot 4inches. Dwarves are known for their tirelessness but are less quick.

The Map: To the north there is mountainous terrain with many creeks and streams running through it.
To the east are the foothills of the northern mountains. There is little cover as there are mostly grasses with few trees or other plant life.
In the south are the forests of Luseryth. Here is where most of the food supplies come from as there is an abundance of both flora and fauna.
In the west is a savannah type terrain which turns into a desert as one nears the mountains in the north.
It is from the north-west that the main force of Nivilon comes from. That said many of the cities in other parts are being infiltrated by the Shadow Warriors and their followers.

Now to signups.

I will be taking on the roles of any minor characters.

Sign-up sheet:
Name: if you are not sure what to put you are too stupid for this.
Age: You may be no older than 40 and no younger than 18 unless you can come up with a good reason for them being in the Elites.
Gender: male or female (dur)
Race: Human Elf of Dwarf.
Pack Contents: the bits and bobs you have on you including armour type and weaponry
Appearance: What you look like.
Personality: I want this to be as detailed as possible, be sure to include strengths and weaknesses of character.
History: Also needs to be detailed. You will need to give a full account of how you came to be an Elite as well.
Attributes: your particular skills, I don’t really care what they might be but along the lines of having skill as a blacksmith or even being adept at keeping quiet.
Preferred Environment: North, south east or west. See above
Other: anything else not covered in the above questions. This is the only space that can be blank.

If these are not detailed enough, they will be turned down. You may not reserve a place either.
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