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The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! (749)


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Connoiseur Detective Cilan! The Mystery of the Lost Cubchoo!

While training for the World Tournament in Undella Town, Ash & co. bump into a trainer who is looking for his Cubchoo which disappeared from a locked room in the house. While investigating, Cilan comes to the conclusion that Cubchoo has been kidnapped. However, as they go further into the forest, they soon find a Beartic and assume that Cubchoo has evolved. Has Cubchoo evolved and was it really kidnapped?

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Rotom Trainer
And the possible filler starts.
A battle ensues between Pignite and Mamoswine.
No real winner, it looked more like Pignite won to me.
Then the search for Cubchoo plot begins.
Brock is mentioned again, we miss ya buddy!!
A Wild Joltik uses Electroweb on both Oshawott and Piplup.
Meloetta apparently brings peace with her song.
Team Rocket is back to being underwater again.
(Apparently they're selling shiny Unova Starter plushes at Pokemon Center)
Iris is still afraid of Ice types, they find a Beartic.
I find it interesting that a Beartic isn't as intimidating as an Ursaring.
Beartic apparently does the nose thing too.
Ash is fighting a wild Larvitar with Scraggy, it has some pretty awesome moves.
Ok now that kid has the Larvitar.
Team Rocket what are you up to now?
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Episode starts with Mamoswine and Pignite battling.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Lol 4 posts about the start of the episode. :p

And before the result can be found out, the opening starts.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Pignite and Mamoswine took lots of attacks each, I'm impressed.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
They meet Chris.

Oshawott and Piplup are still in love with Meloetta.

They all call out for Cubchoo.

They go to some dome shaped building and Piplup plays on the playground inside. Oshawott too, I think.
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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Episode has started.

- Pignite vs. Mamoswine:
- Unsurprisingly, this is left unresolved until the opening starts. Looked relativily even though. Pignite is definitely strong enough for the league already. The rest of his team however.
- Cilan rules it a tie...
- Compliments back and forth.
- Piplup wants to battle as well.
- Jeremy comes and says that this kid Chris has lost his Cubchoo.
- Dawn dexes it.
- They all say that they will help find it, and introduce themselves.
- Oshalupetta-moment..
- Random shots of them searching high and low.
- The kid says something about his Cubchoo, perhaps his starter/baby pokemon?
- They go to the the kids playhouse.
- Oshawott, Axew, and Piplup have a fun time, so Iris scolds them.
- Flashback to when Chris realized that Cubchoo was gone.
- Arrival of Detective Sommelier Dento... Detective time
- Dawn is 'like wtf.. 0.0
- Even more, and 'Is Dento always like that' 0.0
- Dawn remembers BROCK AGAIN!!! In the sense of him being a bit crazy as well.
- The culprit scene from the preview.
- The kid says something, but is quickly mummed.
- Fanservice with Cilan's butt? I guess all his fabulous fans would like that.. :S
- Aha! He finds a breach under the wall!
- Cilan asks if the whole is big enough for Pikachu, so Pikachu wants to go under.
- Piplup goes instead.
- Ash fits through the whole as well...
- Now they're all on the otherside.
- Got to say, that was a decent enough find from Cilan.
- They're looking in the forest.
- A Joltik drops down and immediately zaps Oshawott and Piplup.
- They get into a fight... It's a girlfight... Oshawott, I expected more of you..
- Meloetta sings in order to calm them, they're really driving this point home..
- Okay, they stopped, now Meloetta just needs to stop singing... -.-
- Okay stop already!!!
- Finally Ash stops her..
- Added to that, where was the music coming from? :S
- Dento has found some tracks, and perhaps scat..
- Axew finds the apple trail!
- Axew is scared as heck running through the screen from left to right! :D
- Iris jumps up a tree! She sees an appletree! :D
- Team Rocket TIME!
- They submerge into the Undella Bay
- Dare Da: Cubchoo.
- Meloetta finds a Beartic
- Iris is scared crapless, but unlike normally, the rest of the gang hide as well.
- There's a lot of apples at Beartic's feet.
- Dento thinks that Beartic must've took Cubchoo.
- Awesome Beartic shot! And imagination.
- They confront Beartic, he is not impressed.
- They go further off to find Cubchoo.
- They find nothing and want to get more out of the Beartic.
- He isn't responding. That's my lazy polarbear for ya! :D
- Snot drips from Beartic's nose, Dento sees a Cubchoo in it.
- Here's the evolution imagination scene.. Involving Cubchoo to move out on its own.
- In the imagination it got scared of something and evolved in like two seconds...
- Dento says to Chris that this is his Cubchoo, but evolved.
- Dawn remarks that Chris' Pokeball should still work.
- Iris screams because of something...
- Pokeball doesn't work.
- Cubchoo just runs by with Larvitar.. Wow... Well that's crappy detective skills.
- As Dawn rightfully remarks.
- Dento is shocked that he actually sucks at something. But tries to prove himself right.
- Well, when you know all the facts that's easy to do.
- Larvitar waited until Chris was gone so that he could play with Cubchoo.
- Beartic yawns and walks off.
- Dento is still trying to take credit, Iris and Dawn are annoyed by this.
- Meloetta is playing with Larvitar and Cubchoo.
- Talk of a pokemon battle with Larvitar, randomly out of nowhere...
- Scraggy vs. Larvitar is thus completely contrived and out of nowhere...
- Dawn is the judge.
- Scraggy: Headbutt
- Larvitar: Bite
- Scraggy: HJK
- Larvitar: Sandstorm
- Cubchoo is excited.
- Scraggy: Focus Blast
- Larvitar: Ancient Power?
- Larvitar is still standing while Scraggy was on the ground because he missed.
- Cubchoo is excited about fighting...
- Episode nearing the end..
- Something about friendship..
- Dento was doing something[/] in the bushes...
- Back at the mansion: The friends say goodbye. No Larvitar for Dento.
- James checks the monitor.
- They see the Undella Ruins, they're almost there. Oh, and random wild Basculin...
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Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Brock reference!!!!! Brock's flirting that is!!!! YIPPEE! Brock lives on through Dawn's memories, because apparently Ash forgot to mention him to Iris and Cilan


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Cilan bum shot. >.>

Ash looks under some wall, for a clue, or Cubchoo.

The group are now in a forest and Piplup and Oshawott come across a Joltik.

Dare Da? Cubchoo.
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