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The mystery shop


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hi please can i have a pokemon sprite banner

pokemon sprites: enperuto,diaruga,lucario,regigigas,kureseria,hiidoran
text: my diamond team
font : 9 (impact)
background: blue
effects: blue shade around sprites



Emerald Sword
yeah , ill do it and ill make a new one - i dont like this one
Thanks, and can you delete the lower text too, so it only say 6Legend?
If you don't like it, feel free to change the Shinji pic, you can use any Shinji pic that fits. I would like the Nozomi one to stay the same, of course.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm closing the shop untill the new year, I'm really busy and don't have time. You willl be able to request in the new year. I'm not going to do the requests on this page or the two on the last, If you still want your request in the new year post when I'm open again. When I come back I'll edit the rules like:
You have to give 4th gen numbers and fill out the form or you get ignorde.

Have a nice Christmas :D


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Extreme devamp:

Pokemon: Naetoru, Buizel, Lioru


Tastes like chicken!
Ok, since I said I would re-open this shop in the new year, requests are now open again. I won't be able to do as much as before as I've got my Sats exams soon.

I'll get the requests done as soon as I can. If anyones got any requests from some pages back let me know. I'am also going to tidy up the first post as its messy.
I'm also looking for a worker who will be able to do some requests.
oh and if anyones got a request from the second shop tell me and I'll do it.

I'll update this post when I've finished some requests.

Also thanks to CP I'll soon be able to have drawings of pokemon as a request option.
Heres the shadow pokemon

I'll get the rest done as soon as i can.

Extreme devamp:

Sorry that its not the best in the world, I'll get the rest done later.

Edit: The shop is closed, if anyone requests I won't do them!
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no u lost the cheese
Pokemon: (4/6)Charizard,raichu,groundon,kyogre,ho-oh,latios
Rewards: Bonsly, weavile, Mime Jr
Rank: Lucario
Pic background:mt.cleft(or any other)
Legends: zapdos,atricuno,moltres,mewtwo,ho-oh


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can i have this made into an overworld?
trainer sprite-

directions- all
cycling/surfing/using pokemon: yes