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The Needs of Three (619)


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Well, finally bothered to go watch them (I figured I'd watch them all in consecutive order... not gonna watch them 1 per week.), and I gotta say, I found it surprisingly well done, now that I get it better. Now that I think about it, everything centering around the legendary trio wasn't such a bad thing. Sure, Dialga and Palkia are the poster boys for Diamond and Pearl, but really, they've already had 3 movies; 1 of which they were the so called stars. I guess it was at least decent for them to have longer than a short cameo.

I find Cyrus's lines were surprisingly close to what the game presented in the first place, which proves that the writers actually bothered to put more effort into Team Galactic.

Cyrus was actually pretty well handled in English. Jupiter's voice actually works for her... it's only Mars I have a slight grain towards.

Otherwise, great ep (not mentioning anything Hunter J related, for obvious reasons).



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One thing I found funny was Uxie's smirk after she (I think she is a girl) hit Hunter J with Extrasenory.


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Prob the best out of the trio of episodes liked seeing the legenary trio again and also Gary and Cynthia. And yeah the boss of boxed lunches made me laugh as well it was good to see Looker again too,#
Regarding J she could be dead but this is anime anything can happen. But really I cant see how she can get out of that blast alive really


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I read about the anime but I haven't actually watched it regularly in ages, but these episodes seemed really good so I decided to actually watch one for once. Apparently I picked the right ones, they were action packed all the way through. I really liked the whole plot with the connection to the lake guardians, it actually gave the main characters a role, unlike things like the Groudon/Kyogre fight where 95% of the contribution was smack talking the team leaders and going "omg omg ZOMG" whenever a legendary Pokemon woke up or used an attack. Seeing legendaries being "captured" was also a first I believe (we didn't actually see Brandon catch any of his Regis).

Does anyone know the name of the track that was playing when J was fighting Mesprit and Uxie? It also plays a couple times in the next episode. What's it called and is it from a movie? Or just regular anime bgm?

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I really liked this episode. Seeing Gary in this episode was good, even though he couldnt really do much. Also that Future Sight hit was pretty big. I bet Hunter J is still alive but we will probably never know.

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J's death was pretty much my favorite moment in the D/P saga. Truly a step in the right direction for the show.
Brilliant episode. Highly entertaining, and completely loved the demise of HunterJ! The glasses just sinking down was quite haunting.
Looking forward to watching the next episode tomorrow (hopefully!)
- It was cool to see Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie finally make their (full) anime appearance. They sure are beautiful, aren't they?

- Hey, Gary, long time no see, buddy!

- Is Hunter J finally dead?

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Awesome episode..... but what became of Hunter J? Is she alive or what


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Excellent episode - loving the reference to the games when the Magikarp are flopping in Lake Valor. Loving the Galactic arc at the minute - it's really action-packed and a lot better than the Aqua/Magma arcs -.-

Hunter J's supposed death was fantastic - nice to see the animé heading into a more mature, darker sort of thing, her glasses sinking was truly quite haunting.

I love Mars' voice btw, it's so perfect for her x-) Can't wait to see the next one!


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This episode was cool. It was great to see Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie in their real forms. They are very strong. It was interesting how the Gang were being called out to for help in the dreams they were having. It was interesting to see that Hunter J threw some sort of device that was able to draw out Azelf. Unfortunately Gary was creamed by Saturn, and they were able to cruly capture Azelf. Later on she Cruly captured Mespirit and Uxie after a battle. It was interesting how the gang was feeling the effects of what was happening to the Lake Trio. It was great to see that Pikachu and Piplup were able to use an attack combo to free the trio, then the cliffhanger...



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Yay Gary,Gary is my second favorite character behind Barry ashame he was beat though. This episode was cool. I'm glad we got to see the trio together especially Uxie he is my favorite. 9/10

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Good episode really. Hunter J never stops being the cold hearted person she is. Although question when Uxie or one of the Pixies had deflected the gold beam that turns them into statues or whatever I am certain it had hit Hunter J, so why didn't she turn into a statue when Brendon had gotten turned into one like ten episodes ago, guess she has some immunity or the glasses/outfit does more then make her look more badass.

I think J is actually dead though. With many shows they have a item or something that belongs to the person dies and it floats up in the water like that or the last thing you see, kinda says they are dead, a different approach.


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Eh, it's part two, not always the best part, but at least this episode has some things going for it. It has Gary!!!! And only the second time he appears in an episode (but not a flashback) and has no contact with Ash (along with his Chronicles episode). And it has Hunter J. Plus, we get the drama with the twerps feeling the three pokemons' pain. At least the whole thing with those three pokemon is starting to make more sense.



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This episode was so exciting, I was pretty much going mental while watching Team Galactic awesomeness =). And when Saturn was about to get killed by Mesprit and Uxie, I was this close to having a heart attack. And when Mars and Jupiter jumped out, I felt like cheering. Team Galactic rocks!


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This episode was Epic! It's Cool to see Azelf,Uxie and Mespirit in their real forms.
It's interesting how the main gang could feel what's happening to the Lake Trio. I doubt Hunter J is alive after that big explosion.