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The New Alternate Creepypasta Thread


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
After reading Cupcakes, I didn't think it could be any worse.

Sweet Apple Massacre.
READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION, I BEG OFF YOU DON'T READ IT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A SOUL 0_0 sweet christ I almost died and cried simultaneously when I finished. And I'm a 15yo boy.


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I must have missed this thread coming back up ^^ Does anyone remember one that ended with something like "But then again, you do like to be scared, don't you?" It was about some girl in a computer or something :p I liked that one, and if anyone could link it for me, that'd be awesome.


I kinda liked this one.


The not so special
I just saw a movie that was very creepypasta like, it was scary but not terrifying. Won't be watching the movie a second time though.


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Cupcake and Sweet Apple Massacre were simply gross. It takes someone with a twisted side to write that sort of... literature.


Wow we are already on a another CP thread... haven't been here forever.

Well anyway... here are some old ones I wrote.

You hear those pesky dogs outside of your house always barking, just like everyday.

You lie there in bed wide awake. In previous nights you couldn't get a wink a sleep, last night was no different.
You lay there for awhile listening to the sound of the the dogs, just like this everyday. The alarm goes off, just like every day. You let out a sigh, just like everyday. you turn over so you can press the snooze button, just like everyday. You begin to roll over hopeing for just a little extra 9 minutes, just like everyday.

As you lay there for a minute just staring, a smile crosses your face. laying beside you, bundle in the blankets, lies your lover. As you begin to put your arm around them, they shuddered surprised by your touch. Your lover begins curling up more under the blanket.

You look out side to see the sun shinning into the room, you let a little laugh. You remember that they don't to particualar like the morning sun, thats why you always find the person's head covered to block out the light. With one more laugh, you give them a loving kiss on the cheek through the covers...they react but quickly relax.

Its time to get up. You don't wanna go, but you gotta bring home the bacon somehow. You crawl yourself out of your bed, away from your lover, so you can get ready for the day.

Just like everyday.

Except for the next thing you see. You stop in your tracks by what you see. You stare on at what is standing in front of you.

Standing there was what could of been once called a human. From just the appearance alone you can tell this...THING, has been through a lot. The jaw barely attached, its tounge dripping through the gap under the jaw, dry of any form of liquid. Its eyes, or should be said eye, were nothing but sockets. In one socket hanging from a single thread was the only eye, just dangaling in the air looking at you.

You begin to tense, the creature reacts to your movement. Perhaps it can't see you with that one eye. The other socket shows nothing, nothing but the emptyness that was darkness, only form of "light" was what was left of its brain that oozed through what used seperate it and the eye socket.

You tense up, "It" starts to stir once more. You can't look no further then the torso, something keeps you from looking any farther. Around the neck pieces of what was once its face was dangaling, smacking against the tounge. Part of the collarbone was smashed, the arm was barely hanging together half of the forearm snapped in two. The lungs, the heart and other bodily organs can be seen through the broken pieces of the rib cage, some still slowly pumping. the other arm, it was mostly bone but it seemed like it was wearing the old skin that once protected it as a cuffing of sorts.

You place your hand over your mouth, as if trying not to let a single beat of breath out. The creature is still unmoving, The creature is still staring at you. You remove your hand from your mouth, the creature begins to move. You begin to form words. Is it a type of prayer.

"I look terrible today." You say, looking back into your reflection in the mirror.

Just like Everyday.

"I'm heading to bed," I said. "Goodnight."

"Good Night," They replied. "We'll be there in just a minute."

The boogeyman, puh-lease, as that song goes "I ain't afraid of no ghost." I'm going to be 8 soon, I'm a big boy now. I don't have time for such kiddy scares as creepy crawlies or the slenderman. I took my night light out a long time ago, no need for it, since I will be a big brother soon.

As of now it is only the three of us: me, my mommy, and my daddy.

This coming up weekend my daddy had plans to take my mommy somewhere before my little brother or little sister would arrived. Aunty Helen was going to baby sit for the weekend but she came down with the flu and wasn't going to be able to comeover.

My parents were sad that they were not going to be able to leave. I told them that I was a big boy now, and that big boy can take care of themselves. That didn't work. So I used the best trick in the book, annoying them about letting me stay home alone. like other mommy and daddys they gave up and I won. This weekend I have the whole house to my self.

So Saturday came, I am excited. They left this morning, leaving me money so that I could order some take out *to see if I was grown-up* for supper. like any responsible parent, they called me like every other minute to check up on me.

That night something happened that normally wouldn't. I watched some horror movies, normally my parents wouldn't let me watch them. I was sitting on our sofa couch, watching another movie, I had gotten into it, the black Merman thing was carrying the woman into his laggoon when it happened...

Hearing a large noise, I started screaming out loud, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. looking out our extrodinary large windows I saw that it was raining and the sound of thunder made me yelp. maybe I'm not as brave as I thought I was.

Going through more movies I looked over at the time "4:44" am it said. I let out a yawn, as it was time to finally go to bed. I made sure all the doors and windows were locked, I turned out the light. The only source of light in the living room was from a street lamp from the circle. with another yawn I began to walk out of the room.

"I'm heading to bed," I said. "Good night."

"Good Night," They replied. "We'll be there in just a minute."

Your reading this sentence.

You realise what time it is.

I'm Sitting at my desk.

Now I'm standing out side your window.

You look.

But I'm already gone.

You return to your computer.

I'm at your window watching you.

You turn back.

I'm Gone again.

You return to the computer

You read "Knife"

You remembered that you forgot to wash dishes.

Don't worry I took care of it.

Now I'm standing behind you.

Whats in your hand.

Look, now its in my hand.

Its your life.

You quickly spin around

I'm gone.

You look at the computer, feeling safe.

I never left.

Now I'm on a horse.

*old spice whistle*


aka dark lord neo
hi whats every ones opinoin on slender man args


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Yeah.. to show you how bad im am at making cps heres the plot for the cp Im making:
Garchomp refuses to give Captain Falcon a cookie and aftter that, some thing REALLY STUPID happens. want me to post it?

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Man, I love Creepypasta. So fun to read, and I love how a really good one gives you a shiver down your spine. >: D

Snow on Mt. Silver is good, for a pokemon one, and Squidward's Suicide was wonderfully creepy.


aka dark lord neo
any one heared of slender man


aka dark lord neo
dang how about ben the hounted majoras mask


aka dark lord neo
ya sonmeone who knows it whats you opinion


aka dark lord neo
can someone recomend a creepy pasta people know on the thread


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Sweet Apple Massacre

WHAT THE HELL!? That wasn't even entertaining to read. Just disgusting.