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The New Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop

Would you trade with me again (please no trick answers)

  • Yes, I would trade with her again

    Votes: 64 92.8%
  • No, It was horrible

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, but I might not trade with her again

    Votes: 3 4.3%
  • I dont think Im ever going to trade with her

    Votes: 2 2.9%

  • Total voters

Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
I'm interested in the flawless naive deoxys and the flawless timid jirachi.

My shop is pretty booked right now, but would you be willing to set these aside for me and we can work a deal?

oc i can for u :) thats just fine.


New Member
Can you breed a dw eevee with the highest iv for hp fighting?

Edit: Is there a limit on iv breeding service? I keep getting the wrong ivs when breeding.

Edit 2: And the nature is timid.
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so im going to try to answer everyone who asked about event or natures.
abrar14- modest japanese from sinnoh, hasty tru, brave from sinnoh. im not too sure the jap but they have the same ot so im led to believe they r both the same events
spanton-i will breed u one. it will take a couple days depending on how much i can play my game.
deoxys-gamestp naive jirachi- timid mew- lonely
jae- for one i love the name and what do u have?
jari- yes it is the dwm one
bic- cottonee is dwm
Ohh Well i will be interested in all 3 :) please check my side of light and darkness trade shop for offers ^^

Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
Can you breed a dw eevee with the highest iv for hp fighting?

Edit: Is there a limit on iv breeding service? I keep getting the wrong ivs when breeding.

i can try my best :)


Alright i will save get the three pokemon you want from me cloned :). But i cant trade till around the 14th:p. And hope you dont mind if the flygon is already eved trained and trained to level 100.
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Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
thats ok bic.
hello, can i get a little more info on these pokemon the gender and ability it has, except giratina n tepig i know ability n giratina is genderless
gligar impish, giratina timid, growlithe jolly timid, smeargle jolly, LarvitarAdamant , Marill Adamant, Bagon Adamant , CottoneeBold , Tepig Adamant , Aron Jolly , AbsolJolly , MachampAdamant , SphealBold , EeveeCareful , WooperImpish , Feebas Timid


Pokemon Breeder
I can give you any of the DW Sinnoh starters, i haven't picked one yet so let me know. I want to know if any of the event Blazikens are DW and if so what nature are they?


Justice Forever
Hey, I'm interested in your UT Flawless Torchic, does it have a DW ability? I can offer you a flawless UT Adamant Larvitar with Stealth Rock, Curse and Pursuit. I'm also interested in the giveaway of a flawless Ditto, does that have it's DW ability as well?

Many thanks if you can get back to me on this :)

Sorry, I have had to withdraw my offer :(

Sorry again for any inconvenience!

Rampant Rayquaza
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