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The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Kaiserin, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Ventured back in drawing with color pencils again for another commission for my cousin.
  2. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    Looking good! I'm no good with coloured pencils ;-;

    The only thing I would say is have you tried lining with the coloured pencils? The link doesn't look bad but it's just a thought.

    That IA banner though IA is th best vocaloid amirite? Lol

    Very well done on the animated banner, it looks great! It's a bit of a shame about the limit though.

    As for what I have been doing, the answer is not a lot. Well, sort of. I went camping last week and the outcome of it was half a notebook full of biro drawings.
    A lot of them are on my tumblr, but I'll put a few of my favourites here.


    A new character in my original comic (Symphonie) the character itself is Keyboard

    A comic featuring Keyboard, Piano and a bit of Percussion

    Another new Symphonie character, this time it's Tambourine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    New OCs from my Hetalia OC series, countytalia (Middlesex, Greater London, and Cornwall- I was camping in Cornwall. Lol)

    Art featuring Greater london

    Misc fan art

    And finally, I drew my friend (left) with my little brother (right) they got along really well.

    I do love biro. It's my favourite drawing tool.
  3. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Went back to color pencils for the moment since I don't quite have the time to invest in a tablet drawing.
  4. Keysmash

    Keysmash buys meat

    Well, it's been a while since we've had a real topic, and I've been kind of curious about this...

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it?
  5. Toyosatomimi no Miko

    Toyosatomimi no Miko 炎髪灼眼の討ち手

    Thank you ^^ and yes, IA is definitely the best.

    I really like how the names are all instruments (ahaha I'm a band nerd ^^; ) but they're really well done in general.
    I really like this one for some reason. The crystals look really nice imo.
    I haven't really done any on deviantArt and the such, but I've done art for others before and...it was too stressful for me lol
    I guess I just prefer doing stuff for just me. It's easier cause I have a clear image of what I want the end product to be like, rather than guessing at what someone else would like. Though it doesn't always turn out the way I expect it to be.
  6. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it?
    I've only ever done two commissions and they were for my cousin, so it was pretty laid back. It's still kinda hard though, cuz I only ever seem to draw well when I'm drawing something I like.
    I really want to get to the point where I can do commissions though. I just don't think I'm good enough yet / have a big enough dA following.
  7. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it?

    I've wanted to do commissions for so long but I've never had any interest. I keep putting notes up about it on my dA but never get anything.
    I guess I don't have enough people who'd be interested following me, but I keep getting requests, which I never get around to doing. I'm pretty sure I'd get things done a lot more if there was some kind of reward at the end.
  8. Keysmash

    Keysmash buys meat

    the money guys the money

    A few months back, I got this one from someone on Tumblr for ten dollars (a lot, imho) and my dad found out and planned out an entire business site around it. It was... well, it was interesting. Then, I went and deleted my Tumblr and forgot my login info for PayPal, but I think I might try again in the future sometime. Sure is stressful, though...
  9. burnt_lucario

    burnt_lucario Gracias al mundo

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it?

    The closest thing to a commission I've done was for my lady friend's family. They had a death in the family (sorry for depressing info), and I was going to offer to draw a portrait for them, but they came to me first. It was basically a commission, except at the end I declined the money. I didn't feel right taking it because I saw it more as a gift. It was stressful working on it because I didn't want to mess it up, but it came out well and realistic-looking. Other than that, I've never been paid a penny for my art, although a lot of friends who I draw for always offer money. I just feel so bad taking it... -.-

    Sounds like commissioning is stressful for those of you who have done it.
  10. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    I think it's stressful if you do it online.
    I've never done commissions. If I were to do them, then it would be to my friends/brothers.
  11. Ursariing

    Ursariing Gary Oak of Rap

    Sup Guys.! I didn't die ;-; just preparing for my senior year, but I found this interesting artist challenge I'm gonna do starting my first year, I'll upload the drawing everyday and hey it would be cool if I wasn't alone in this

    Link (along with a cool example)
  12. Kaiserin

    Kaiserin please wake up...

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it?

    Unsurprisingly, I don't work well when I'm under restrictions like what someone else wants, or doing things by a certain reasonable time. I've never actually taken proper art commissions before, but I did do cosplay commissions for a short while. I found it just sucked the fun out of it, so I stopped doing them, though. The money honestly isn't even worth the effort, I think -- although to those who make their livelihood or a fair amount of pocket change doing it, good for them.

    Also, a note to FairyWitch: Please clear your PMs! I have something club-related I need to ask you, but your inbox is full.
  13. SlightlyWinged

    SlightlyWinged Training for ORAS

    It's funny, I recently started drawing again because I wanted to see my Pokemon in my own style. Then I browse around and find this club. OwO

    I haven't uploaded anything new yet, they're just little sketches until my hand decides to cooperate on full colored pictures. But I'll link to my old Deviantart accounts (that I haven't been on in months) to show that I am an artist.

    Username: PaintedOpossum
    Nickname: Lindsay, Lindz
    Gender: Female
    Links to anything you'd like to put in the OP : None (Yet?)
    Any other examples you'd like to show us?: Original Work and Fan Art
    What kind of artist are you?: Traditional, rarely dabble with Pixel Art

    Drawing is a hobby and relaxation tool for me, but I'd love to one day make it into something more. <3 Last year I went to my first convention and saw the Artist's Alley, it'd be amazing to sell artwork there!
  14. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    Username: Fossildude747
    Nickname (optional):
    Gender (optional): Male
    Links to anything you'd like to put in the OP (up to three): None
    Any other examples you'd like to show us?: I don't have anything to show yet that is online
    What kind of artist are you?: Traditional

    Sometimes I draw but I am ok at it, I was hoping this club could help me get a lot better at fan art.
  15. Keysmash

    Keysmash buys meat

    Looking forward to seeing your work! I'd love to join, but past experiences have told me I don't have patience nor consistency, lol.
  16. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Rated F for flirting, fluff and feels

    I can't help but laugh to say that's completely opposite for me! XD It is SO hard drawing with a frickin' mouse pad...

    And collab? Me. Perhaps.
  17. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    Just as a note, my tumblr URL has changed from what it is in the OP, it's now jazzy-strings

    EDIT: My deviantART username has also changed from what it is in the OP, it's now also jazzy-strings

    In other news, some new things
    Black and White.
    I really enjoyed doing the high contrast style of this one, it's quite fun, but hard to get it to look right, I still am not very content with the result.

    Nanami from SDR2, I'm quite happy with this one.

    And finally
    More style experaments, I'm quite happy with this one. I think I'll use it again. The only thing I'm not too content with is the shading in the back ground, but thats the same with all my art sooo...


    I have quite a few biro drawings as well but I don't think I'll up load them. I also have new biros, they are AMAZING to draw with.

    On collabs, I've never really seen the appeal of doing one. I mean, they look nice at the end, but I haven't seen anyone so far who's style I'd fit with or vice versa, so I've never done one.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2014
  18. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    Wow some of these sketches are amazing, I think I am going to try to draw some things as well if I'm gonna get better I gotta practice. I might try some color pencil pokemon art but how do I post images on serebii? Never done so before unless it had a link, which mine will be in my computer's library.
  19. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    What you do is from your computer, get an image hosting site such as Photobucket and Deviantart (I find Photobucket easier as it has a button for forum code links), and upload it.

    Good news, I am anticipating a camera around Christmas so I can post my non-digital art.
  20. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    Ok thanks, I will have to use my iphone to take pictures of my art, still kind of new to art but I like hand drawn. I'm gonna focus on pokemon art mainly. I think I will try to draw a picture with poliwhirl in it since that's a simple pokemon ad one of my favorites. Might use colored pencil.

    EDIT: Ok, I can't find my colored pencils so I will just make a black and white picture for now, and maybe draw it again sometime in color. I thought of a scene, poliwhirl on the beach with a rock near it and a wingull sitting on the rock, fairly simple but that's good since I don't have much experience. Thing is, I don't know where to start, any tips?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
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