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The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

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Faith & Honor


Chaos Theory
Art Contest Update

Due to the low interest in the art contest I will no longer be hosting them. Maybe in the future if the I'll host them again if activity picks up and people enter.



Woah this place is dead.
Finally winter break, so I can spent the entire 3 weeks practicing some artistry: Mega Gallade. Next goal: creating proper backgrounds.

Ooh, I like the coloring. And yeah, backgrounds are something I need to work on too -_-'

Anyway, I just finished another drawing that was drawn on six pieces of paper. Also, I got a color pencil blendy pencil.

I also did the banner in my signature for a fic I just finished. Ill spoiler the banner below in case I change it later and someone is reading this post in the future.


Hi all, it's EpicJirachiFan. I had a username change, so I'm Jazzy-Strings now ^^
Anyway, I'm sorry for not being around for so long, things happened, and ORAS came out (I was avoiding spoilers like the plague)
Since I last posted, things have changed quite a it for me art wise. I'm now taking it as one of my GCSEs at school, and have more than one style.
Style 1 vs Style 2
[spoil] Style 1 (I've had this for around 4 or 5 years)

Style 2 (I've practised this for a month or 2)
I've also een way more crafty recently with things like jewellery making and scrapbooking. For future reference, would it e OK to post that here too?


Be a Man!
I decided to do something to pay homage to my most successful drawing on dA, with the most favorites of any other work I posted there, despite being from 2013. So I drew another Vorua, and put it next to the old one to see how much my style has changed. And I have to say, even I'm impressed! O_O

Bru, that's amazingly good! My favorite art of yours, definitely!

BTW guys, have we really "died"? C'mon, let's get back. I know fan art section is already dead, but the club shouldn't. At least.

Anyway, I finally got Photoshop. And have a question. For old GIMP users. Was the transition hard for you? Or is it only for me? Because I'm having some problems with it, despite it giving me a lot more options to work on.
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