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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Expert Trainer
I´m looking for a triple battle.
P.S.: the only uber allowed is victini, my FC is on my signature and my trainer name is Samuel


Legendary Trainer
Battle Wanted
Triple Battle
Uber and Legends Allowed.

FC 4169 3798 1970.


A Red Robot
Name: Austin
FC: 0132-1159-3053
I prefer Triple battles
I don't care if you use legendaries or ubers.


Pokemon Breeder
I am looking for a casual battle to test out a team no ubers or legendaries plz send me ur FC in a PM if u want to battle


nV The MiSeRyyyyyy
Looking for a 6v6 single match. I don't really mind pokemon restrictions. I just want to test some things. Pm me.


Hey lookin to battle. Single or double pm me


litwick ninja
litwickgangs fc:3353 3385 4347


See you starside
0218-0114-4032. Single battle, no wonder launcher.
PM or VM me, please no ubers. Note that not all legends are ubers (ex. Victini is not uber).
rotation battle, no legendaries. FC in my signature. PM me.

EDIT: Levels 30- 45
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Teehee Slayer
Looking for a battle lvls between 35 and 40. (I'm still new in game.) levels may change depending on how late you want to battle. PM me for freind code and time to battle ^_^


Wut are you saying?
Name Zeno S

Fc: 3439 2353 4165

Lv.50 Single Battle!

Only 1 uber please! (I won't count Victini as an uber:D)


New Member
Name: C4R$0N
fc: 3224 5038 2548
PM for battle.
Don't care what type of battle and what you use.


i'm back!!!
I'm looking for a singles no restrictions, 6v6, no legendarys and ubers. PM me for info trainer name is MWT.


Looking for single battle Name:Kirsten, FC:1420 6282 4360

EDIT: LV 11-15

Very new to the game XD
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