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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Treasure Hunter
Hi. I wanna battle and try out some of my teams. Doesn't matter what type of battle. New to this whole thing so sorry if I make mistakes. Pm/Vm me if you wanna.

FC: 2666-5585-4475
My Pokemon Black name is Soledad by the way.


Random Master
Anyone battle? Trying out a new team


Well-Known Member
I'm not super competetive, but I do like to battle.PM or VM me if you want to. I'll give you my name afterwards. FC in sig.


~One with the wind~
I am looking for a Double or Triple Battle, I am fine with one or two legendaries, just don't go overboard. No wonder launchers please. PM me if interested, here if my code.

FC: 5432 7723 9091

Edit: Whoops, wrong FC, gave my rl friends out instead, since I had hers and mine on a sheet of paper at my desk, lol.
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anyone looking to triple? flat rules. pm me, i wanna play


Howls of Loneliness
anyone want to do a quick battle?


Random Master
Anyone battle? Any tier except boring OU, excluding Little Cup


Well-Known Member
Name: Logan
FC: 4083 4812 9433
EDIT: any kind of battle. Just no legendarys.


Random Master
Anyone want to try out some teams, please make sure your pokemon are level 100 and you know the sleep clause rules and smogon tiers


Active Member
Looking for a 6v6 wifi battle with only mew allowed as a legendary but any other pokemon are allowed. PM me please for the battle if interested. Thankyou!


I'm Looking for casual battle. No Ubers, but any other tier works well! Also, 6v6 and level 100 everything!
Clauses: Sleep Clause, No Wonder Launcher, turn the Mic off.


any type, no wonder luanch, no legys, im using nothing under 50 or over 64
FC- 0733 8682 2339
name- John
Edit-any battle just name the conditions
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