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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Vm me for OU
FC : 3353 4029 0107


Team Builder / RMT
Chris:4856 5677 0190
Is there anyone else out there who enjoys a triple battle as much as me?
OU please-PM me if you want to fight :)


New Member
i want someone who will battle me with gen 1 pokes only, or gen 2 only, or 3, etc, but no ubers. pm me if interested
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I love shiny pokemon
I've only recently started battling online, but I'm looking to get some experience.
Name: Rob
FC: 5415-2839-9742

PM/VM me if you'd like to battle sometime. I prefer Triple Battles, but am okay with Double/Single/Rotation.


Of science.
Anyone up for a battle?
Up for triple, rotate or 6v6.
Preferably no ubers or legendaries (smogon tier).
Black party are between 65-70.
White party are all 100.
First time at online battles.
PM me if interested.
I'm of the UK timezone.


Virizion Collector
Always open for a battle, OU and UU, other tiers except Uber are fine as well but will take time to set up. Weather is fine. No restrictions. Send me a VM if you're interested. :)


i'm always looking for a battle. fc is in the signature, pm if you're up for it. i prefer flat battle's, i will not play no restrictions cuz my pokemon are not all lvl100 yet. singles, triples, rotation, hit me up


3 sum!!!
Looking for a OU/BL 5th gen battle standered clauses
Not open for further replies.