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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Supreme Overlord
I am accepting PO and Wifi battles with the following tiers:

Ubers, OU, and UU.

My friend code is in my signature, and my PO name is the same as my name here. My schedule (except in the evenings; GMT-6) can be very flaky, so if I take a while to get back, be patient. PM me if you're interested in battling!


New Member
FC: 3353 8318 7346

Casual friendly battles (y)
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Random Master
Hey anyone up for an Ou battle, I have this new team that I would like to try out?


looking for a flat triple/rotation, fc is in the sig. pm me


Her shoes Christian
any1 wanna battle ou match bw


any1 wanna battle? it has been a long time since I've had my last battle xD pm me if ur up for it!


I love shiny pokemon
Fairly new, looking people to have fun, casual, light online battles with. I'm not too up on some of the phrases and definitions people throw around on here (OU, UU, etc), but I've been looking them up to stay on top of things. :)

My FC is in my sig, and my name is Rob. I'm in EST (GMT-5). Mostly like Triple Battles, but Double, Rotation, and Single are all good, too.


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If anyone wants to battle I am usually on wifi around 5 p.m. Central Standard Time Friend Code:3139 0913 6588 pokemon white


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hi looking for a battle. I'll just be using my in-game team 6v6 and they will all be UU tier. so no competitive teams pls.
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Add me to your friendlist

I have White and my FC is 0819 7708 1638. I'm down for battles and also need to build my white forest. Pls let me know if you add me so that I can add you.


Format similar to little cup. Almost anything Lv. 5 and under but are allowed to be evolved. Only restrictions on pokemon: if you can't breed one (get an egg of it), you can't use it. Single or double battle. FC is 0218 5149 3402. Trainer name BROCK.
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