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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Shiny hunt assistee
My friend code is on my signature, my name is Alex, and I want someone who are willing to battle me to go easy, because I always lose on Random Matches, no matter what team or strategies I do.


Random Master
Anyone up for a Battle any tier except Uber and LC


I'm up for a casual battle with anyone, I can take it easy if you don't want me to go all out. FC in sig, PM me with time details.


Joltik Queen <3
Looking for hardcore battlers for a flat(prefered) or no restrictions double battle! I'm also looking for a single battle or a battle of any sort! PM or VM me anytime i'm online/offline(i'll respond when i'm back online)!
In-game name: Emii
US Black FC: Emii 3911-9263-8896


Fidel Gastro
Looking for a double or single battle. FC is in sig. Pm if interested.
Trainer Name:Manuel


Hi, I would love to battle. =) 6on6 OU or UU battle. I will give away 2 shiny pokes if you win. PM or VM me. =)


Team Builder / RMT
I hope I can give you a good flat triple battle.
However,I'm OK in doubles and singles too,so please VM if you would like a match:it's entirely your choice!

The Light Ruler

Light of Ruin.......
Always looking for flat rules double battles. I may also accept other kinds of battles, but Sky Drop and Dark Void are banned in double and triple battles.


Fidel Gastro
Still looking for any Single or Double Battles.
Trainer Name-Manuel


New Member
Um, Just looking for a fun Double or Triple Battle. Flat Battle o .o!
Name: Hakumeii
Friend Code: 5415-1049-9670
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Active Member
Is anybody looking for a battle? My fc is 5414 9394 6972 if you're interested just PM me


New Member
looking for a 5th gen battle no ubers tho pm me
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