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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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single double or triple my name is corey and my code is 193629243699


I'm up for a single battle FC in sig


Reputable Trader
If anyone wants to have a triple battle my trainer name is Eminem my friend code is 1506 9172 2956 send me a PM and if you don't want to have a triple battle tell me what kind of battle you want and leave me your trainer name and friend code

The Light Ruler

Light of Ruin.......
Always looking for VGC rules battles. I may also accept other kinds of battles, but Sky Drop and Dark Void are banned in double and triple battles
look into my sig. Oh, and I don't do lvl 100 battles or legends ;) other than that I would love a battle with anyone and I has lots of free time due to Summer Break, so Pm/Vm to start this.


New Member
anyone wanna battle now
I want to battle trainer name:michael FC:3053-3130-5184 pm me with your trainer name and battle style.


Like A Boss
Single Battle or Double battle.
Trainer Name: Ty
FC: 2623 8402 9383

Devil lagiacrus

Brazilian trainer
looking for single battles,no UBERS allowed.
my FC:1592 5050 6456


New Member
Reshiram & Zekrom. next, it also allows the download of all Pokémon you haven't obtained, including the ones you can only get one of depending on your game just by scanning their marker and via SpotPass. This allows for Pokédex 3D to be fully complete before it goes offline on June 17th in Japan. It is currently unknown when this update will arrive outside of Japa


My name is Cormac and FC is 2065 0919 7516
I'm new to battling so I'm not the best, but I'm not horrible either.


U3 And Pokemon fan
OU Single battle, No restrictions, PM me or VM me if your intrested.
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