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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Team Builder / RMT
I'd like a flat battle of any kind :)
PM me(even if I happen to be offline)if you'd like one.I prefer triple battles,but I don't mind too much!
I want an UU match to test my new UU team. Single battle. No restrictions my FC is 3053-3130-5184


Water-Type Trainer
Looking to triple or double. No ubers, and don't make fun of my team.
FC : 1163 6002 3397
Name, Flare


Substitute Shinigami
Fc in sig. love to casual battle flat battles or 6v6 vut no ubers or wonder launcher :) pm me

silver wing 22

Storm king
looking for a single battle 6vs6 no ubers and no wonder launcher
fc:1979 3798 5481 pm me


Reputable Trader
Currently looking for a six on six WiFi battle flat no ubers single battle


New Member
anyone want a single battle whenever with no ubers
friend code: 3826 4000 7609
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New Member
Im just looking for some battling fun and could care less what pokemon are used! I only have one request only 2 legendaries per battle. FCODE IS 5200 5086 3446
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New Member
I'm looking for a 6 vs 6 single wifi battle
without ubers

my team isn't very good because I have wifi connection since today
my FC:
3139 2941 2854


Wanna trade
anybody wanna battle if so pmme or vm me i can be pretty good


Hoenn Champion
Name: Timothy

Black - 2452 0990 5350
White - 1034 6522 8165

anything really, preferably Lv 100 Double Battle

no restrictions
Not open for further replies.