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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Mr. L 500

I'm new to wi-fi battles and am looking for some people to battle and test out my team against.
Name: Jeremy
Friend code: 1937-1211-2762
No hacked Pokemon, preferably a double battle, launcher off.

VM me if you want to battle!
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Looking for an ou battle.standard rules.no launcher.


VG Trainer
Have loads of free time, so PM me for a OU battle no launchers, ill try and come back to you asap!


Anybody want to battle me with the rules in my sig. PM me or Vm.
FYI:It's going down.
This is my hang-out spot.


New Member
battle anyone

O.G. Trainer

Active Member
IM looking for a really EPIC battle...standard rules please

Shadow Caster

Plasma Executive
Looking for a singles battle. I guess you can have some ubers in there, since its casual. Just no more than 3 ubers.

FC: 0562 7412 3100

Champion Cynthia108

Sinnoh's Champion
Looking for any casual battle, preferably Single with no Wonder Launcher. Fell free to use Legends, but please, do not overdo it ^.^

Friend Codes are in signature.

Oh, I suppose I should have my names in there, right?

White Version name: White
White Version 2 name: Mei


New Member
anyone want to challenge my team at pokegyms


New Member
Looking for Pokemon UU or NU battle

Black and White FC: 0390.9617.4505
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New Member
bw ru match my fc is 3053 5474 0786
pm me if interested :)
i can upload the battle if people want me to :)
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