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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Dragons are beast
I am here looking for an ou or ubers battle


Looking for LC battle PM me if you want to battle


Looking for battles!! OU singles no launcher.
Online right now! PM with FC and Name


New Member
Looking for a battle please....I have OU but you're more than welcome to bring whatever...PM if interested!
Looking for someone like me, who is not that into EVs, abilities and such stuff and just want to have a friendly battle. Friend code is in my signature :)

I prefer Single battles :)


Well-Known Member
looking for someone to battle who have these specific pokemon (on a future date when i feel like battling)
i need an opponent that can use a team of event exclusive gen 5 legendaries (victini, meloetta, genesect, keldeo) aswell as other event exclusives like mew, celebi etc, so that i can try to track them on the GTS.
will give a pokemon with pkrus for helping me

B2 FC: 0906-3977-0933


New Member
battle please

hey I am looking for a battle with someone message me if so my friend code is 3955 8586 0027 my name is Logan with a space after it>>>Logan .
Not open for further replies.