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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Uchiha Itachi
Im looking for a casual battle, my white friend code is in my signature. No legendaries and PM me so we can figure out a time!

hawaiian ale

zapdos master hoo ra
Anybody wanna battle lv100 and any pokemons is ok


New Member
Name: Pat
my black 2 FC is in my signature
just looking for any sort of battle to test out my team (still pre-pokemon league as of posting this though)


Can also jump!
hello, i'd like to see how it's like to battle someone again, i am indefinitely banned from using random matchup for some bizarre reason, so my only option is here. If anyone wishes to have a double or triple battle (no legendaries or "Ubers") my FC is: 0261-8601-6338

PS i'm a novice when it comes to battling others...


Looking for a fun battle
No idea on tiers and all that
VM me please :)

My code is in my sig


Elesa's #1 Fan
DB anyone? holla :D OU and below :) let me know what tier before hand so i can prepare.
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Hello, b0ss
looking for a double flat rules no wonder launcher battle. any pokemon from any teir, but no legendarys.
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