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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Hayate Ayasaki

Active Member
Looking for an OU match level 100 singles, no banned pokemon or banned moves/combos like double team/genesect e.t.c. legendaries are fine but only if they are in the OU bracket or lower.

fc should be in my sig pm me if your interested


New Member
Looking for wifi battle any tier but ubers!


i'm looking for an ou battle, pm me if you're interested. no pokegenners


Ghost queen
I'm looking for a casual battle, no specific tier but not too OP. I'm not that good, so don't expect anything great from me. I only battle for fun :)

FC: 2924 5649 9368


New Member
Anyone pm me in the next 4 hours and we can battle straight away. If you wanna organize another time you can pm me as well


Uchiha Itachi
Im looking for a casual single 6v6 launcher off battle and no tiers just please dont use legendaries PM me if interested my White FC is in my signature


New Member
Looking for a 6v6 battle, flat. No restrictions, no wonder launcher.

All I ask is that there shall be no Legendaries whatsoever, whether it be a mew or an arceus.

PM me and we can sort out a time :)

White FC: 5201-4099-9914.
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Looking for a rotation battle or triple battle no launch pad and all pokemon allowed
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