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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Spicy Tuna!
Anyone wanna battle for fun >.<? Preferable with flat rules if we're gonna do open then I will bring out legendaries oxo" sowwy, I am just too lazy to lvl them to lv100 xD. Single/double/tripple all acceptable ^ ^ ~ but I'm not really into rotation battles. Wonder launcher off and I have no idea what this 'Ou' 'Uu' or er... That all means xD (If you really want it to be lv100, I can get started to lvl my pokémon, but that will take time. If you want flat rules I can battle right away) >U< ~

Time zone : GMT + 2 Tell me when you are available.
Fc : in sig.

Remember this is a battle for fun so don't get competetive >x< ~


In-Game Name: Hesoca
FC: 3955-4866-0073

Any type of battle is fine with me, (Single, Double, Rotation, Triple, etc.). I'd prefer to have Wonder Launcher off, though I don't mind one or two gimmick battles with it on. =P


looking for a battle. single battle, legendaries allowed, ubers not. black fc: 5416 1881 5222


New Member
seeking a double battle, no legendaries, one pseudo-legendary (dragonite, tyranitar, etc.), lv. set at 50
i'll be waiting in the wi-fi club
FC: 3611 7822 2540


New Member
I'm seeking a standard 6v6 battle getting back into the game vm or pm me if interested.

Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!


New Member
I want to try out the Wi-Fi battling thing so someone PM me to get started.
Chance: Black 2 - 3268 7170 3919
anyone want to do a doubles battle on the train?
isn't their a team double battle at the train station in blak version?


Active Member
Looking for a random battle 6 pokemon level 100


Im looking for someone to battle. singles 6v6. Pm me


New Member
Friend code is 1164 1852 5063

I prefer 6 on 6 lv 100 non-ubers. 2 on 2 as well. The time where I live is 10:00 am as I post this message from Ontario Canada. That said, I am online nightly around midnight to 1:00 am. I say this so anybody who wants to challenge me can coordinate their time accordingly.

Relatively new to online wifi battling and looking for a challenge :)
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