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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Active Member
Anybody fancy a 6x6 single battle no legendaries or hacks? Lvl 100 available most days allday gmt+1


Star Knight
Trainer Name: Gaia
FC: 1936 - 8739 - 9947
I looking for trainer with black or black 2 so I can get a florist that sells Tamato, Hondew and Grepa Berry. So a 1 on 1 (Lv100) match should do
(sorry it this is the wrong place for this request)


Trainer Name: 1.21GWs
FC: in my signature

I'm looking for flat 2v2 battles if anyone is interested. I have a 3v3 team as well but I must warn you my Typhlosion's eruption is going to hurt really bad in my 3v3 team. I prefer battling with my 2v2 team. Send me a message on Serebii or skype for a battle and I'll get back to you!


WeCounting Stars
Trainer name: Wego
FC: in sig
Looking for a 6 on 6 match no ubers so vm or pm me if down for it

Shadow Caster

Plasma Executive
Looking for an OU battle, 6v6.

No, Wonder Launcher, No Ubers. A.K.A No Drizzle+Swift Swim, No Arceus, etc;

PM me, and my FC is in my signature.


New Member
Just finished first team. Looking to test it out. 6 on 6, OU, standard rules. level 100.
No one seriously experienced, just starting out.
Please message me if interested, looking to battle asap.

FC: 1636 0803 1712

The Light Ruler

Light of Ruin.......
Looking for battles under any of the following formats:

4 vs 4 flat rules doubles (aka VGC rules)
6 vs 6 no restrictions doubles
6 vs 6 no restrictions Ubers rotations

PM me if you're interested.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Looking for a 3x3 battle, here are the only rules:
  • Pokémon must be between lv. 39 - lv. 43
  • No items
  • No legendary or uber pokémon

OM me if interested


New Member
Looking for a 6 vs 6. I understand no ubers and that's what I'm looking for. but not the rest of the classes. PM me...

Shadow Caster

Plasma Executive
Seriously? No one wants to battle? -_-

Again, 6v6, no Ubers...


New Member
guys i just got b2 last month and manage to make a team, Im fairly new to wifi battles so im wondering if someone can battle me? my team dont have any legendaries and from what people tell me is all of it is in ou. my friend code is 3955 9230 9556.


Pokemon Master
Anyone wanna battle PM me legandaries aloud if wanted
FC in signature


Well-Known Member
For who wants to battle or trade, please send me a PM :)
My FC is in my signature!
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