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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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New Member
5th gen OU single battle anyone ?
FC : 0047 5632 3126
Trainer name :Conan


Shiny Hunter
Battle my White please.

No legendaries
preferably Triple

PM me anytime :)
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The Light Ruler

Light of Ruin.......
Looking for battles under any of the following formats:

4 vs 4 flat rules doubles (aka VGC rules)
6 vs 6 no restrictions doubles
6 vs 6 no restrictions Ubers rotations

PM me if you're interested.


send smeargles
I'm looking for a 4 on 4 battle with a lv. 15, 50, 5 and a lv. 100. All have to be legendaries.
And if you want to know my FC or in game name just VM or PM me.
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since i dont want to lvl all my pokemons to lvl 100 just for battles, i can only do legendaries pokemon battle in free battle
but i'm always up for flat battles of any kind

3955 7724 0704

pm for battle


PuertoRican Player
FC: 1779 0702 2116
Single, No ubers


New Member
I'm looking for a 6v6 battle, and I'd like to do the "set to lv 50" type of battling.

Black FC: 1464 2283 2103

Send me a PM, thanks!


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
5th gen no uber nor legal hacks FC for b2 on sig.
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