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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Oh, u mad bro?
5th Gen standard battle. No ubers. Lvl 100. PM me
Hello I own Pokemon White 2 in generation 5. I am looking for some people to register in my friends list on the game and to have battles with and trades with and stuff. Please send me a message on here and we can trade friend codes or whatever is required. Please both guys and women. Thanks.


Antimatter Trainer
Looking for 6 vs. 6 battles (no ubers). Only recently trained competitively viable pokemon, so I am pretty much new at this. PM me.


Dragon Slayer
Looking for people that are contantly onine for casual battles and to test my teams. And will help out to test your teams you just gottn pm me and tell me play by play what you want me to do or use in order to test your teams. Pm with FC if interested
Not open for further replies.