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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Teehee Slayer
Looking for a battle lvls between 40-45. No Legendaries (Victin allowed) Friend code in siggy. PM to set up a good time to battle!
Also looking for a partner in battle subway!


Pme 4 fc
Lv 50 battle, no legends and sleep clause/evasion clause. UNOVA POKEMON ONLY!
Pme for fc.


Looking to test out variation of DPPt "little battle", pokemon lvl 5 only, first form, no legendaries, 5 or 4 pokemon only, preferably triple or double. PM for more information


i'm back!!!
If anyone wants to do a Flat Battle (it's level 50's) with no legendarys, but you can use vicini if you want, anyways message me for details. Or if you want to do a single no restriction no legendary level 100 battle message me please :).


Blazing Spirit
Name: Phoenix
Fc: 0003-2610-5481

Rules: flat battle (all to level 50)

Wonder launcher: on

no ubers or legendaries

(victini is allowed.)

i would prefer triple battles, but singles or doubles is fine.


Justice Forever
Around the 8th fym, looking for single battle 6 on 6 with no legendaries and pokemon around level 40-45. If any of you are up for the challenge, pm me. :)


Just call me Kain
If you wanna battle let me know. im early 70's right now. single battles, 5th gen pokemon. for legends, only your mascot is allowed. no w/l


Well-Known Member
I'm up for a battle

Name: Stephen
FC: sig
- Single Battle
- 6v6
- No Launcher
- Any Level (Recommend 80+) ;)


nV The MiSeRyyyyyy
Battle anyone? Need to test somethings.


Justice Forever
Anyone want to battle? Any 0

Where are you up to now?

At the league pokemon around level 50, looking for single battle preferably 6 on 6 but whatever

Want my friend code? PM and we can arrange a battle.
Not open for further replies.