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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Hiya! Im looking for a 2 on 2 battle.(The kind where theres 4 people playing at the same time.) Need 3 other people! (I checked, this is allowed)
FC for black version is in my siggy (check my trainer card)
I only have 1 condition for all my battles: No voice chat
VM me if ya wanna participate! :)
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Uber all day
name: zachary
fc: black 4770 7834 7793

ps: i'm new to all battling i will do any and all battling (so bring it on wonder launchers lol) =D i will trade any starter ANY, for bp items.



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Anybody want to battle?

Name: Beau
FC: 0819 3039 1648

Double Battle, 6v6, no ubers, please. Also, it's mixed tier, so I don't care other than ubers.


6v6 battle lvl 100s no ubers. message me for a battle. my Black FC 1978-9773-8448 and my name is Armeen


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FC: 0776 5882 7433

Looking for any kind of 6v6 battle, Legends if you want but prefer not (seeing as I don't use them). PM Me your FC and let's battle.


Scouting Legion
Still looking for people for the 2 VS 2 match
No voice chat or ubers
FC in siggy (see trainer card)
VM me to partake

EDIT: I just realized that Multi battles are not available in the wifi room.
So you can just ignore this post. Sorry :p
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i'm back!!!
Looking for a battle hit me up with a pm or vm. you can do this whenever even on a different day it makes it easier.


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Battle anyone?

Please have your pokemon at lv100 or able to battle using flat rules.
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