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The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

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Master trainer
looking for a battle, pm me if interested. Dont care about rules. Fc is in my sig

Bly DX

Advanced Trainer
Looking for a 6vs6 Double Battle, one rule, NO LEGENDARIES OF ANY KIND, but all other Pokemon are allowed regardless of any tiers.

PM me if interested.


Well-Known Member
Looking for a UU/RU battle.
BL pokes are allowed.

No Pokesav pokes allowed.
No wonder launcher
Lv100 or Lv50 pokes only


New Member
Looking for triple battles, no restrictions, wonder launcher on


Back to WiFi Battles
Looking for mixtier single battles and rotation battles
no ubers plz
PM or VM me


New Member
looking for 6v6 singles battle

ILL GIVE A SPEED BOAST BLAZIKEN to any one who battles me

pm me if interested
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New Member

Im hopping and looking to battle as many trainers as possible to get stronger and exchange battle expirience.

The battle rules are simple NO UBERS and NO LEGENDARY.

Add me on MSN since im loged in 24/7 on my mobile phone and well decide time to battle or PM me if im Online on the forums.

Name: Big D

Black FC: 3525 4103 4672

MSN: Battle_Me_Big_D@hotmail.se

Have a nice day!
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