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The New Fanart Request Rules 1/12/2006

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Zephyr Flare, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Please note, the main forum rules and the basics of the Fanart rules are always in effect on top of these where applicable.

    Just for those who haven't realised. Please do not post a thread because YOU want a request, use one of the shops up and running or the open request thread.

    You can also use these two sites to make your own userbar: Here and Here.


    1. The only posts and/or threads that should appear in this area of the forums are the following:

    The setting up a shop
    Posting the request
    Thanking someone (Both the OP/workers and requester)
    Banning a user from the shop

    Moderator posting a thread or issuing a warning

    Any other posts will be treated as spam, the poster warned and post deleted. If you have any questions about the thread you are all quite capable of pming the person in question. This includes if you're banned, more you whine, dramise and complain in the thread the mroe infractions you rack up.

    This in turn means NO chitchat between workers, NO chitchat with requestees. This has been rife for some time and we’ll now crack down upon it seriously. This also includes any critique.

    However on the behalf of requesters, there is a quality expected of you, which is that of a reasonable standard. It is hoped at some stage we will be able to activate moderation similar to the D/P area had during the Japanese launch so people get a fair deal.

    You may pm a request to have your shop closed or deleted at any time you wish.


    2. Please be clear and concise what it is you are requesting. It’s no good asking for something then making whomever is going to create it have no idea what you want.

    3. The Shop workers have every right to refuse to do a request. If they do, it is common curtsey to apologise and thank them then leave and respect their wish. Don’t ramble at them; it’s there choice at the end of the day.

    Shop workers also hold the right to ban members from their shop. People, who keep posting regardless, would shop owners or workers contact a mod and they will be dealt with.

    4. Remember to credit the person or hop who created your request. It is also asked that for trainer cards, the location you got your sprites from is also credited or it will be seen as stealing in both cases.

    5. All banners created must heed to the following:

    Here we only allow banners to be 468 x 100 (Width x Height)

    You can go less so you can have 300x100, 90x100, 400x50 etc. but nothing higher than 468 x 100 please.

    6. Regarding file format types, any picture/sprite with .BMP format are not allowed in sigs. If you have problems saving to another format (.PNG, .JPG, etc.), PM me and I'll be glad to change it. This is was done to help the users who have slow internet connections for loading the forums as BMPs just make the loading slower.

    Could shop owners and workers ensure that they do not move or delete the request from your server host otherwise people may find their request vanishing. If you are forced to move it, please pm the user in question to let them know.

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2007
  2. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    Probably only us, the shop keepers, will read them. Not one customer would try to read them. Too much of a "time waste"
    anyway, I have a question about the customer ban. Is it just you type his name on a list to let workers know or is the customer really incapable of posting at your shop ? :D
  3. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    First, if they continue posting anyway, remind them via pm if possible then we'll nail them if they still do it. Some people take a few before they work out that maybe they shouldn;t be doing something :D

  4. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Please, don;t spam in the thread, it's not intelligent and makes you liable to same warning and ban as everywhere else.

  5. emeraldsalamance

    emeraldsalamance GOMU GOMU NO!!!!!

    can i make another shop, because mine went to the lastests threads
  6. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    i like the new rule and do any pictures in my sig have bmp ?

    And another thing i hate it when someones shop is dieing and they make a new one can they do that or its not allowed ?
  7. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    They're fine.

    Only make a new shop if yours is well and truely dead OR you request closure/deletion and it has been at least a month or so to again def kill it. Will mean there's not 6 versions of the same shop running around.

  8. kapslock

    kapslock Well-Known Member

    So that means that we can no longer critique on the work? Say that your request was done poorly, and you want to critique it? Should you instead pm the worker instead of posting it in the shop?
  9. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Aye, pm them insted.

  10. kapslock

    kapslock Well-Known Member

    Oh ok then, thanks Sandra (ok if I call you that since you always put it at the end of your post?)

    Oh yeah another question. The other day a friend told me that when you first put up a shop, before it appears on the forum, it is first is aproved by a mod. Is it true, or is it just a small white lie she told me?
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2006
  11. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    i see that happening often like some shops have version's like blah blah blah's shop version 2.0
  12. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    approval will happen sooner or later but right now it isn;t in effect. We reserve the right to close the really poor ones however.

    If we are starting to have loads of the same shop appear, get them reported,preferably with the original as well, and it can be dealt with.

  13. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    But what if someone opens up a christmas shop, a tc shop, a fusion shop, and a chao shop instead of just opening one ? Does it count as same version as well ?
  14. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    I was hoping people would have the sense to have one shop and only ONE shop actually ¬¬

  15. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    I wasn't referring to me, I'm owner of one shop and one only, but I just work in another :)

    It was just a question, couse I've seen some shops with same owner
  16. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Well how about learning better to spam darling. This is the RULES thread, not where we cater to your wants and needs.

  17. Haker MAster

    Haker MAster Active Member

    Zephyr Flare

    I have a question. (one doubts) jeje

    if in no store it must to make scratches, for my pokemons, I I can open a new Subject of discussion to request them?

    that is everything.
  18. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Sides from shrink that sig before you get user ntoes I take.

    If nobody will make scratches of what you wish or you are unhappy to ask a aprticular person, just use the open request thread.

  19. Haker MAster

    Haker MAster Active Member

    ok, very thanks. Zephyre Flare.

    if I have some other doubt it will ask following wing to you for pm.
  20. InuCrazy101

    InuCrazy101 Banned

    Can I make a shop?

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