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The new fossil Pokémon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by keithpetrosky, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. keithpetrosky

    keithpetrosky Well-Known Member

    What were they thinking? Mismatched parts that don’t look like they fit! If they had kept the whole designs together I actually would of liked them a lot. (Concept art of what the whole Pokémon would have been). [​IMG]

    What’s your thoughts on them?
  2. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    I like the ideas behind the Galarian fossils for a few reasons
    1. They look funny
    2. First non-rock Fossil Pokémon
    3. Relatively unused type-combos
    4. The idea behind them is interesting and unique, based upon the mistakes made in early paleontology when reconstructing fossils
    5. Arctovish is so derpy and I want it really bad
    That said, the pictures above would have been amazing.
  3. DeadshotRogue

    DeadshotRogue FC: SW-7265-0099-3706

    The complete versions look so much better but I really like how derpy Dracovish looks. And the Water/Dragon typing is pretty nice.
  4. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    I'm really wondering why they didn't add the full combinations with Dino/Dino, Drake/Drake, and so on. Seems like a big missed opportunity.
  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I like it, they definitely have some competitive viability but they take time for them to grow on you.
    Ophie likes this.
  6. zferolie

    zferolie Member

    I like the derpiness of them, plus like others said it fits how early archeology was with how wrong they got some dinos.

    Speaking of these guys, I litterally just asked in the help thread which may be better to use without their HA's, Arctovolt or Dracovolt, who do you guys think?
    TwilightBlade and Ophie like this.
  7. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of mix and matching fossils, but I wish they had the complete forms.
    TwilightBlade and Monster Guy like this.
  8. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t hate them so much if I could actually GET the fossils. I’m playing Shield and I’m up to 10 fish fossils and 3 Draco fossils...and none of the other two.

    I really want to get a Dracozolt because I think it’s the only one that’s viable outside gimmicky weather teams. That’s because Scarf Dracozolt with Bolt Beak hits really hard and is fast enough to make it a big threat, and it is actually also a very nice answer to Dynamax Gyarados because it’s the only Pokémon that resists both Gyarados STAB attacks AND resists the Power Whip coverage that makes Rotom Wash no longer an option.
  9. zferolie

    zferolie Member

    The fossiles you find in the overworld have a higher chance to be a certain type dependong on your versio. To get the others, using the digging duo is needed. The left one is better at getting fossils. Too me like 10 tries to get at least 1 of each type... have so many bird fossils lol, but just 2 fish and 1 draco.
  10. Scarf isn’t that good on Dracozolt when compared to other scarfers like Galarian Darmanitan, Hydreigon, and Indeedee, all of which outspeed and revenge a scarfed Dracozolt. You’re honestly better off using a Subsitiute Life Orb or Choice Band set on it and using it as a wallbreaker before its Sand Rush ability releases.
  11. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    With Tailwind support then perhaps?

    How is Indeedee being compared here!? haha
  12. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    Okay big news. It’s being reported (with evidence) that Dracovish’s Strong Jaws ability boosts his Fisheous Rend attack, and combined with his attack stat and STAB boost, this means Dracovish now has the most powerful water attack in all of Pokémon history, apparently double that of Araquanid’s Water Bubble boosted Liquidation....
  13. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    These new “fossil” Pokemon make me question if I’m really being some evil person making these things suffer. Look at Arctozolt shivering in constant pain! Arctovish can’t even eat right. =(

    Team Plasma was right. We really should liberate ourselves less we do something morally wrong via making these once-extinct creatures being forced to use body parts they can’t use.

    I’m only jokingly being over-dramatic here.
    Bolt the Cat and Ophie like this.
  14. DeadshotRogue

    DeadshotRogue FC: SW-7265-0099-3706

    Good thing I already have a Max EV Admant Strong Jaw Dracovish lol. The Japanese name for Fisheous Rend is Gill Bite so Strong Jaw boost makes sense now.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
    Ophie likes this.
  15. Cerex

    Cerex Well-Known Member

    Missed opportunity? Ha. It's called Ultra Sw/Sh, buddy. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the completed versions are introduced in the expanded version of the game. I get the in game lore behind how misshapen they are, and they look weird, and it's funny. So I'm not that opposed to these, but I would like to get the actual completed ones eventually.
  16. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    Well the thing is if they had added the missing halves of the fossils, then there would have been 16 possible combinations instead of 4. (The upper half of the dinosaur + lower half of the 1)fish, 2)dragon 3)bird 4)dinosaur. The upper half of the fish + the lower half of the 5)fish 6)dragon 7)bird 8z)dinosaur...)
    And since they supposedly have to cut back on both newly introduced and already established Pokemon because they don't have enough manpower/time to finish all the models and animations that just wasn't going to happen.
    Ophie and NeedsAName like this.
  17. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    Finally found the Bird and Dino fossils on my Shield game. Took a while. You get them from spamming the Digger Duo brother on the left closest to the daycare who has less stamina. He delivers the goods I promise. But I also got a million Fish and Draco fossils too
    Bolt the Cat and Ophie like this.
  18. Miar

    Miar I got one right!

    At first I hated these gross-looking fossils. Then I realized that's maybe intentional. They're deliberate chimeras, made of mismatched parts.
    Actually I think it's funny now that Vish's head is either on its tail or backwards.

    I hope we get the full fossils in a future game (Would that also cause more mismatches though?)
    TwilightBlade, Ophie and NeedsAName like this.
  19. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    I actually really like these fossils. Its very clear that Cara Liss is at best eccentric. So it makes sense the designs are odd. I'm suspect the complete forms are coming in later games.
    TrainerFuurin likes this.
  20. 1rkhachatryan

    1rkhachatryan Call me Robert guys

    Meanwhile in Sword I have the opposite problem and have too many bird and dino fossils when all I want is the fish and draco ones lol.

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