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The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

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You forgot smashville (ac stage) in "stages."

EDIT: nvm, I didn't see it in the list, but yeah it's in the descriptions. sorry.

EDIT2: When did Link's boomerang become the TP one (gale)? Sorry I just don't remember the earlier stuff.
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A good character I think would be Megaman, the EXE version from the Battle Network games. That version of Megaman was only on Nintendo systems and with the variety of abilities he could do he just seems to fit. Especially with Megaman games being mostly on Nintendo handhelds these days.


If Mega Man gets in it should definitely be original Mega Man, but then again his chances are debatable.

I wanna see Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country), Tingle with balloons (Tingle´s Rosey Rupeeland), Meowth (Pokémon Red & Blue), Krystal or Wolf (Star Fox Assault), Sigurd (Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War or whatever) or Sothe (Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn), King Dedede (Kirby), Ridley (Metroid), Captain Olimar (Pikmin), Demille (Tomato Adventure), Mike Jones (StarTropics), Harry the Robot (Teleroboxer) or Little Mac (Punch-Out!! NES), and...um...Shantae (Shantae)?

Oh yeah, and what´s your opinion on the Animal Crossing controversy? There´s a symbol for the series, but every major character (Animal Crosser male/female, Tom Nook, KK Slider) is in the stage background. Either there are no Animal Crossing characters even though a stage and symbol exists, one of them is unlockable and will disappear from the background once obtained, or the character is Mr. Resetti, who isn´t in the background.


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I think that if Megaman got in he would be in either his latest look or a combut of all his looks put together.


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May I just ask, Why is there a new thread? I mean people are still going to use the old one.

Now that it's locked, they won't. With a new thread, we don't have to wade through hundreds of pages of, in no particular order, "IZ SONIC IN DA GAME?!?!?!?!11111onetwo," "NARUTO SHOULD BE IN DA GAME!!!! BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!one," "WHEN DOES DA GAME COME OUT?????!!!!!!" and other nuggets of stupidity that littered the old thread, and hopefully those questions can never, ever, ever be asked again. Problem solved. NEXT QUESTION.
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Assist Trophies


Assist Trophies are brand new additions to the Super Smash Bros. series. They work in a similar way to poké balls but with much more potential variety as literally any character from Nintendo history could appear from it. Imagine the large variety of attacks that can happen on top of the actual characters (believe me, they're very unique). Assist Trophies also tend to be invincible but with a few exceptions! You won't know who will appear until you use the Assist Trophy so it, like poké balls is very much a gamble to use. As Sakurai says, there are so many unique additions for the AT roster, only the most dedicated fans will recognise them. Assist Trophies are a massive addition to Brawl!

Unconfirmed Assist Trophies
Waluigi (Mario)
Petey Pirahna (Mario)
Monty Mole (Mario)
Tingle (Zelda)
Epona (Zelda)
Metroid (Metroid)
Resetti (Animal Crossing)
R.O.B. (R.O.B.)

And now, the Assist Trophy list as it is constantly revealed. With so many surely to be revealed, it is unlikely that they will all be known about until after Brawl's release meaning this thread should last a very long time!

Confirmed Assist Trophies

Dr. Wright
Series/Game: Simcity
Bio: My, my! Isn't this a shocking Assist Trophy? This character from the SNES version of Simcity is actually a mayor. Originally, I thought that Nintendo must have bought the rights for this character for just this reason but apparently they already had it off Maxis. Dr. Wright is actually based off the Simcity creator Will Wright. His attack is one of the most unique attacks yet as he uses his mayoral status to create a load of skyscrapers spring up on the stage. If you're on top of those skyscrapers when they crop up then chances are, you're going flying!

Hammer Bro
Series/Game: Super Mario Series
Bio: Hammer Bro is a Koopa from the Mushroom Kingdom, but of course, in accordance with his name, he throws his famed hammers. We've all played 2D Mario platformers so we should all appreciate just how difficult they can be to dodge! I wonder whether Hammer Bro gets bored sometimes... I mean, when your life is merely throwing hammers, though screenshots do suggest that he has specific targets. Assassin!

Series/Game: Nintendogs
Bio: Nintendog is one of the more unusual Assist Trophies because, as a puppy there's not much it can do attack-wise. Instead, the puppy use its powers of cuteness and scampers to the front of the screen to stop players from seeing the events of the match below. You may think that this isn't very helpful for an "Assist" trophy but as Sakurai points out... it will "calm your mental state"!

Samurai Goro
Series/Game: F-Zero
Bio: I could have sworn it was Samurai Goroh, but never mind! Samurai Goro caused a wealth of controversy on his status as an Assist Trophy as so many fans wanted him as a playable character. What are your thoughts on the matter? Anyway, Samurai Goro's only attacks with the blade at his hip meaning he'll run and swipe at any opponent on the playing field... it would be painful to have him on your bad side! As the most popular F-Zero candidate it is possible that Captain Falcon will remain the only F-Zero representative but chin up F-Zero fans, eh?

Thanks to Smile Guy for this!
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Poké Balls


Poké Balls have been a staple of the Super Smash Bros. series since the very beginning. For my friends, Melee actually made pokémon cool again and there's no denying the appeal of so many unique attacks that they can offer. Whenever you throw a poké ball, a pokémon will come out of it and, with any luck, will do an attack before disappearing into the unknown. The variety of these pokémon are unpredictable and unprecedented but here's hoping that Brawl will offer a substantial number! There are currently 493 potential pokémon to be included in Brawl (minus Pikachu as Pikachu's already a playable character!)

Unconfirmed Pokemon:

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee


Confirmed Poké Ball Pokemon

Generation: 2nd Generation
Bio: Chikorita is not an original addition to Smash Bros, having appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Her attack does exactly what it did in Melee too, as she quick-fires a rapid succession of razor-sharp leafs at any opponent who dares stand in her way. Who'd of thought that cute little starter pokémon from Gold/Silver could turn out to be so evil! I'm sure she means well!

Generation: 1st Generation
Bio: Goldeen is the most fearsome pokémon that you could possibly face in Brawl... just kidding... Goldeen is the dud. Upon releasing her from that poké ball prison, Goldeen just splashes around. Seriously, nothing else... just splashes around. No wonder Wario's looking so pleased with himself. Personally, it would be more logical to have Magikarp in this position but as Goldeen has been splashing around since the very first Smash Bros. I'm pretty sure she's here to stay.

Generation: 3rd Generation
Bio: In the pokémon universe, Groudon has a pretty high status. He's what's known as a legendary pokémon and appeared on the front cover of Pokémon Ruby... I bet he's feeling really cocky with himself. Groudon doesn't directly attack. Instead, he just stands there letting anyone who touches him (except the person who freed him from the poké ball) get severely burnt. This wouldn't be a problem except Groudon takes up most of the stage!

Generation: 3rd Generation
Bio: Deoxys was one of the number one candidates for a playable spot in Brawl so I'm sure a few people will be a little bit disappointed at his poke ball status. Nevertheless, Deoxys retains his awesomeness to a very high calibur. When Deoxys appears, he hovers high up in the air, before slowly turning around, and unleashing the mother of awe-inspiring hyper beams. Those caught in the blast will go flying off in all manner of directions! Sakurai describes the hyper-beam as "truly awe-inspiring".

Thanks to Smile Guy for this!
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And about all these questions regarding the new thread. I ran out of room for updates and it was almost 200 pages long. Just seemed fine to do another.

And regarding the point and usefulness of the first post, there's very little but it keeps me happy and gives me something to do. I think that's more than enough justification for it.

I will be making more posts here on characters and such and I apologise for the mess it might make, I just need to get them all in this thread for the links to work permanently.


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There's been very little pdated so far that has been able to "wow" me. At this point only something like the announcing of a newcomer character would be great (doesn't have to be third party but that would be even greater). So who here is hoping for Sonic?


Rayquaza rules!!
how many characters are there going to be, approximately? So far Im not impressed with the line up....




I think Nintendo stated there would definitely be no more than fifty. I´m expecting forty; a couple more if we´re lucky.

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Super Smash Bros. = 12 characters
Super Smash Bros. Melee = 24 characters
Super Smash Bros. Brawl = 48 characters?

Forty eight is a massive number for a game and would be a massive achievement for Sakurai's team. But I think Sakurai wants to pull it off especially as he is making Brawl such a homage. Believe 48 maaan.

Actually, don't. Believe 42.
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