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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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Yeah that's totally what people want! Million viewer idea right there!
It's just not fitting for a world traveling saga. It's too centric to one region. I'm instead expecting the PWC to come back.

Satoshi & Touko

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Welp, here's my thoughts now regarding the new series with the info we now have:

The positive:

Liko and Roy aren't related, and I have a little hope that they'd make for a good ship.

The negative:

Roy being from Kanto pretty much guarantees Kanto pandering at best and the base being in Kanto at worst.
Also, Roy being from Kanto means he technically could be Ash and Serena's son :(
This series could inevitably be an even worse Journeys.

So yeah, as you can see, my hope for the series has gone down quite a bit.


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I wonder if Liko and her cat will be cheerleaders for Roy when he does the gym challenge. Kind of like Dawn and Piplup.


It's just not fitting for a world traveling saga. It's too centric to one region. I'm instead expecting the PWC to come back.
Opal appeared in Journeys and was not involved in the PWC and world travelling isn't an excuse to not show off every character from the new games


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Man that is not Serena’s and Ash’s child how sway?

I am super geeked out that they did make the choice to not have a time skip and make these the children of main characters instead of just acknowledging after all the CoTD and other characters that people are also existing which Ash is traveling and now we are focusing on newer people existing
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Oh we’re talking about the genetics of fictional characters. Bring out the pseudo-science tools!


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Oh, so Kiawe charmed Serena with his abs? Someone on this forum is going to lose it.

Well, Kiawe's eye color is never shown, he wears sandals, and Roy's pink highlight hair is close to Kiawe's red, so it's not farfetched that Roy could be his son.

Serena on the other hand, nah.
Nothing to say it couldn't be
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