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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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He's not the battler, against other trainers makes you the main battler, Roy is a silly little raid battler at best
Gonna sure they both will battle but at different way, but somehow i'll hope Riko will challenge to gym leaders for finding mysterious her pendant.


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That’s what i was thinking as well, that they wanted to have two at the same level. But do you reckon Saori’s director position is now the equivalent to yuyama’s old spot with tomiyasu and yajima sharing the spot below it?

No, Den is the series director, the main person "in charge" of the show. Same as Yajima for XY and Tomiyasu for SM.


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Liko's pendant is clearly related to terastal, and terastal is often used in battling(does it even have any use besides that?)
So it makes sense she will battle in some point
It's explicitly stated that Terastallization does have non-battle uses in the climax of SV. For example, it can power up machinery, hence why the AI Professors even work.


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I'm just happy both Riko and Roy will be battling it seems. I'm interested on what the "Pokemon of legends" Roy is referring to? Could just be that Shiny Rayquaza

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I can't wait for the new anime. I will give Liko like Ryo a chance as with any anime. It's a bit of a pity that Charizard but let it be like on Alola, maybe they will add something and this tegion it would be great. I hope it will be interesting, although I already know school dramas/comedies romances typical romcom. I'm secretly hoping for a romance between Liko x Nrmona or Arven and Roy

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I thought Roy sounded familiar. It turns out Yuka Terasaki is just using a variation of her voice she used for Katsuma in My Hero Academia.

The Creative/Action Director split is an interesting one. Creative Director is probably the English equivalent of an executive producer. The action director is interesting. I hope it means we get much better battles. Granted, I liked Tomiyasu's storyboarding over his show running.
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