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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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I guess some people got their wish of having Rhydon appear in the team of prominent characters.


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So if Amethyo is a teenager how old are Riko and Roy? Still 10?
It's a good question. Liko (along her classroom) is receiving her Pokemon Starter. In previous seasons, the age for this was 10 years old, but we've never seen a whole classroom receiving Pokemon.

It's always possible Liko is a little older, but it would mean there are new rules.

That said, Amethyo could be 13 years old if he is a teenager. So, his age wouldn't be so different from Liko and Roy even if they're 10.


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I'v been wondering, now that Ash leaves the anime why the anime staff still use anime only/anime original characters instead of using characters from the games?


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The girl with the new Fire Pokemon looks abit sassy
I wonder if her group is evil?

As I said, Horie's comment seems to imply they're good guys:

I hope I'll be able to give people courage through my acting the same way the Pokémon used to give me courage.
Amethio, a character that seems to be charged with a weighty mission despite just being a teenager.

This isn't how you describe getting cast as a villain.
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