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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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Where the **** is Roy lmao

Who ordered these loser TR knockoffs off of Aliexpress? Along with the most generic Gen 1 Pokémon by their side.

Golduck is great, excuse your mouth.

After the Pokémon Concierge, Detective Pikachu, Misty’s return, and Chrysa’s affinity for Psyduck, among other things, it should be obvious at this point that Psyduck is one of the unofficial mascots like Lucario and Gengar and Snorlax. Masuda even planned for the Yellow remakes to be Pikachu and Psyduck until Eevee was presented as a better option thanks to having a pair of games with different colors.
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Yeah, and women voicing young boys is an incredbly common thing. Men voicing girls is not.
Exactly. If the VA is a men, it's extremely likely the character will be a men.

Also, I'm pretty sure Amethyo is called a boy (shonen) in the video.


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Can’t wait to see the designs for Garnet, Pearl, and the evil team leader; Rose Quartz
All the Diamond and Pearl focus plus Ash facing Steven Stone in the M8 was all foreshadowing.


The new duo look like they could be goofy rivals. Kind of like TR except they don't pretend to be bad.

The most worrying parts for me right now are

1) the gen 1 pandering
2) complete absence of game characters

Number 2 is actually a good thing.

No Nemona or Penny just make the whole thing even more exciting for me.

Amethyst and zirconia. Quick, someone call Steven. I think we found his people.

Steven: Dad, I just found who are going to be the heirs to our empire.


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Amethyst and zirconia. Quick, someone call Steven. I think we found his people.
I like how this works with either Steven I can think of


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Are these new characters going to have a story with a proper arc and conclusion or are they going to wander forever like Ash?


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It would be an interesting plot twist if Roy was actually revealed to be a year younger than Liko, whom is age 10.

I would like it if the new series revealed that Roy, being from Kanto, is technically not of the legal age to be considered a licensed pokemon trainer, as he's currently age 9, and as such, Roy hitch-hiked to Paldea after finding out that there is no apparent age discrepancy to becoming a license trainer in the Paldea region, which may explain why his starter Pokemon are Paldean instead of originating from Kanto.

Then again, Professor Friede, could be the one to give Roy a Paldea pokemon as his starter since he is a researcher.

Also, forgot to add that if the anime does incorporate a plot of Roy being slightly underaged( age 9) to be considered a licensed/ registered pokemon trainer, this plot could potentially be used as a justification to why Roy doesn't participate or compete in gym challenges or league tournaments in the 2023 series, since most regional gyms and leagues likely wont accept trainers that are not legally of age (age 10) or officially licensed (a registered pokemon trainer) to compete in a Pokemon battle regulated tournament.

Of course, the anime could eventually decide to age Roy up to age 10 toward the climax of the 2023 series.
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You know what just dawned in my head is that, out of all Legendary Pokemon, Latias and Latios were chosen to appear in MPM because they resembled the red-blue duo, the ultimate foreshadowing of the new series!

When first seeing Latias in MPM, I was wondering why would she even appear in the final arc. After watching the latest episode in which her male counterpart appeared, this was when I realized the color scheme foreshadowing. Plus, they each have a counter-coloured triangle on their chests.
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Is there any chance the Western version of this will actually be a decent product for once? You know, no more BGM butchering, cut content, censorship...?
considering TPCi has started marketing it since its japanese announcement, there may be a bit of a chance? Name changes are already happening but that's a thing for all of pokemon anyway.
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