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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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Horizons is THAT show.
It’s not even a bad thing. If you pay close enough attention DP/BW is filled with a bunch of dub composed music. It’s just that Ed’s sucked. I would prefer if they just not fall into greed and keep the music mostly consistent but then they replace action scenes with “put on hold” phone music.


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I mentioned this before, but not even anime material going out overseas is safe from TPCi's strange choices.

Ash's 123 theme from Journeys got remixed for Pokemon Masters, but the game doesn't allow players to keep the freaking remix when elevating Ash to EX unlike the rest of the other Sync Pairs (Jessie and James don't have EX versions). At most, Ash's remix was just...listened to during his piss-easy battles, but not outside of them. Progress, I guess? I'm not sure if the Japanese version lets players get his remix.

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Why are we talking so much about this music thing again? As someone who does like the modern dub score, this feels kinda insulting to see so much of.

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Why are we talking so much about this music thing again? As someone who does like the modern dub score, this feels kinda insulting to see so much of.
Some of us just want the dub to grow up and leave the 90s practices. To get the same product the original creators intended to offer and not this bland MickeyMousing mess. Heck, to listen music from the games in the show. To let the Western countries' VAs work shine more with a high quality score behind. If you like it, good for you, you'll probably keep getting that and we'll have this conversation again in 3 years.


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I suspect that there will be some changes. Music might change due to licensing fees/issuers. I suspect there will be some cut content or "censorship" due to different cultural values and the needs of the different networks the show airs on. But I don't think this will be on the level of what 4Kids did with the Jelly Donuts...err...rice balls.

The issue isn't the composers. The issue is how the show gets distributed and how people are paid for the music. Twilight Wings was a YouTube series distributed directly by TPC, so it would be easier to keep the original music. It wasn't sublicensed to various TV networks around the globe.

I'm not a lawyer, but I can imagine that music licensing for a show like Pokemon is very complicated.
Funny, how the first time I saw 'Primeape Goes Bananas' that I was left wondering whether they really were rice balls or jelly donuts as Brock mentioned. I was young back then, so I was kind of confused between the rice ball - donut reality. Ultimately, I pictured it as a rice ball with some jelly inside it!

The episode is also known to me for another scene, Ash officially catching a non-Pokemon inside a PokeBall, the jelly donut! I burst out laughing when Mankey threw the jelly donut (oh, why am I even calling it that?) towards Ash's Pokeball and it actually caught it and opened with the rice ball occupying almost the entirety of its space when any Pokemon, regardless of its size, could be stored inside the teensy cozy PokeBall.
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I do wonder I wonder if the new characters that are part of Explorers are going to be rivals or antagonist to the main cast?

Also when I say antagonist I don’t mean that they would necessarily be villains, as while yes it’s not uncommon for a antagonist to also be a villain, at the same time a character can be an antagonist while not being a villain.


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If there's going to be a primary villain, let it be a human supremacist who hates Pokemon, considering them "vermin". We're all getting tired of the "Pokemon hating humans" plotline.
My god, I never thought that waking up, going on the forum, and realizing that this terrible series is going to end would give me so much joy

Seriously folks, we were blessed to finally get new protagonists with a non-stale story...

(seriously, I would have preferred a good ending for Ash, this is pure symbolism)..
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