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"The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

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Is the studio confirmed to still be OLM? Inb4 it's MAPPA again cause they seem to do every anime out there

Nothing is confirmed. The official website is literally just the video and nothing else:

Looks like it'll be officially called "Pocket Monsters (2023)" though.

Can you link it please?

It's in the first post (and on the website linked above).


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Hopefully the focus is on Paldea this time.
I think this will be the SV anime. These new kids will be the protagonists. I think they could actually be the son and daughter Goh and Chloe.


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Loving the Sprigatito spotlight and rooting for a female battler, though admittedly the guy’s design looks much more battle oriented than the girl’s who looks like a researcher of sorts?
The pendant she has also looks Tera-related so maybe she gets the Koraidon/Miraidon storyline and the guy gets the gyms (which would explain why she only seems to get one starter).


Pikachu Fan
I’m sad that We can’t see ash and pikachu anymore kinda want the keep continuing
And excited that we got new protagonists can’t wait how they gonna take us


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Am I the only one who thinks the boy looks oddly like Ash and the girl oddly like Serena?
I don’t see any resemblance to them. They look like original characters with no relation to Ash.


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I’m just gonna say it: good for them for having some diversity in the cast between the boy and the girl and hopefully he’s not over hated like Goh recently was and other characters for his “bad” traits and they aren’t over emphasized. We need a female battler and it’s been too long.
Am I the only one who thinks the boy looks oddly like Ash and the girl oddly like Serena?
Nah don’t see it.


Wish Riko was Ash's and Goh's companion into next year. Still looking forward the new show though


Honestly, I feel... Just fine?

Ash is getting a proper closure and 25 years is a pretty danm good streak.

And I like the new kids from the get go

Will watch the new show.
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