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The NEW Pokemon Universe Challenge V2

Discussion in 'Games' started by rosso1111, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    Hello again, rosso1111 here. Like my other game, The Gyms of Serebii V1.1, this was originally created by another member, namely Wormow. However, that thread was closed so I made it in another thread. Most of the following information is from V1

    Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Universe. I hope you guys join, for the title of Pokemon Universe and a special prize. This a new revamped season, as the last one had lots of bugs, delays and all that. You'll be doing challenges, eliminations and some surprises. There are a lot of twists, so don't be surprised if you all lose and I win the prize. Oh and I promise to be posting scores and all that. Also, we might accept second members, but not now.

    Voting Rules:

    - Please, give a reason when voting
    - If you are voted, please don't complain
    - Vote in your opinion, don't copy other people
    - You only vote if you lose a challenge, and vote only for one person in your team

    Other Rules:

    - All SPPF rules apply
    - Try to RP as much as you can :]
    - You're allowed to talk to other team-mates and stuff
    - When joining, make sure you can be active everyday or so
    - Do the challenge by yourself, don't copy others
    - If you have been eliminated, please do not post here as you have left

    Game Info:

    Immunity: In a challenge, the member who gets first place will receive immunity. Immunity guarantees you one spot in the game, meaning you don't have to go through the next elimination. You can still get Immunity even though you have won the challenge, as you are walking the Dialga Plank.
    Elimination: If your team has lost a challenge, you and your team-mates will go through elimination. You must post your vote on who you think should go, and why. People with +TeamLeader and +Immunity cannot be eliminated.
    Challenge: A challenge is something you have to do, and if your team wins, you won't go through elimination. However, the losing team will.
    Dialga Plank: If you receive Immunity, you must walk the Dialga Plank. When you get there, there are two plates. You must choose one, and read it. What happens usually effects the games and could make you enemies, and friends. So choose wisely.
    Giratina Earring: If you are wearing this and you win the game, you will be in the next game's finale, making you possibly being the second Pokemon Universe.
    Magikarp Earring: If you are in the finale and you are wearing this, you will not be winning the title of Pokemon Universe. If you win, the title goes to second place winner.
    Team Earth and Team Wind: There are two teams, team Earth and team Wind. Which team you go on is chosen by the winners of a challenge before the episodes start.
    Sudden Death: If a user has been inactive for quite some time, they will automatically be eliminated. But the change is hardly noticeable, and the elimination and challenges will go on as normal.
    Letter: Sometimes, you will get a letter. The person who posts first, saying they'll read the letter get's PM'd with on what it says.

    Team Wind
    - Professor (Team Leader) ;065;
    - Dopey (Co-Leader) ;079;
    - Kyle ;301;
    - Draglord Dreadlord ;330;
    - Fang ;158;
    - Cyndy ;155;
    - Ivy ;334; Immune from 2nd elimination - Winner of 1st challenge
    - Gan ;444;
    - Blaze ;157;
    - Cleo ;025;

    Team Earth
    - Bridgette (Team Leader) ;036;
    - Mia (Co-Leader) ;471;
    - Starbright ;120;
    - Mimi ;040;
    - Silver ;009;
    - Leafy ;001;
    - Gabriella ;152; Immune from all eliminations
    - Link ;027;
    - Jake ;026;

    Sign - up sheet:

    Name: Obvious.
    Species: What pokemon you want to be. Use sprites and smilies if possible.
    Gender: Again, Obvious
    Age: How old your character is. Have common sense here. At least 13 years old.
    Personality: Just tell us what your character is like

    Current Contestants: 0 spaces left!
    sasukeanditachi's Cyndy (;155;) - 13 years old and Fang (;158;) - 14 years old
    infernobat's Leafy (;001;) - 18 years old
    CyberBlastoise's Silver (;009;) - 19 years old
    zhanton's Professor (;065;) - 341 years old and Dopey (;079;) - 79 years old
    MSE's DragLord DreadLord (;330;) - Unknown
    fango pango's Jake (;026;) - 17 years old and Cleo (;025;) - 17 years old
    purplepassion's Ivy (;334;) - 19 years old
    zandgaia's Bridgette (;036;) - 16 years old
    surfer treecko's Link (;027;) - 13 years old
    Dittoman97's gabriella (;152;) - 13 years old
    GoodPokemonTrainer121's Gan (;444;) - 16 years old
    super riolu31's Blaze (;157;) - 17 years old
    Groudonny the groundstar's Kyle (;301;) - 18 years old and Mia(;471;) - 16 years old
    kuriboh361's Starbright(;120;) - 17 years old and Mimi(;040;) - 18 years old
    Dittoman97's Blaze - 16 years old

    Episode 0: First impressions! Elimination! - Letter = No-one found it!
    Episode 0.5: Team Time!
    Episode 1 - Do you appeal? Contestants 1-3
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2009
  2. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    Hate to double post, but this managed to get accepted. WOOTNESS!! Start sign ups!
  3. Infernobat.

    Infernobat. Negative

    How do you sign up because in the frist post it says noveing about sign up's ?
  4. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    My bad, I'll edit it

    EDIT: Done!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2009
  5. Sasukat

    Sasukat Back from the dead

    Name: cyndy
    Species: cyndaquil ;155;
    Gender: female
    Age: 10.
    Personality:loves to make friends and hates fighting.she gets extreamly angry if anyone insaults her best friend fang and sister chick
  6. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    Sai, make him a little older (13+) and you're accepted.
  7. Infernobat.

    Infernobat. Negative

    Name: Leafy
    Species: ;001;
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: A kind ;001; who hates mean pokemon. He gives to poor pokemon, And is vary generous,

    i can put more in Personality if you like?
  8. Sasukat

    Sasukat Back from the dead

    ok she will are be 13 lol
  9. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    OK, both accepted
  10. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Name: Silver
    Species: Blastoise ;009; Sorry, can't use sprites, will smilies work instead?
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: Kind, caring, yet serious. Silver never leaves a comrade down, unless said comrade has passed on to the other world. Silver's ability to think on his feet gained him a high military status very quickly. Now he tries to formulate plans to help his teammates win.

    Also question. If say you were eliminated, could you post a vote after you've been eliminated? because once we get down to two or three, well, then it'd be hard.
  11. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    It's OK CyberBlastoise, you are accepted
  12. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    I'm still needing an answer to this though...
    Thank you for accepting me though.

    EDIT: It's 009 not 005. I'm a Blastoise, not a Charmeleon.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2009
  13. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    personality:aa kind,carefree raichu who looks around for the right people to make friends
  14. Name: Ivy
    Species: ;334;
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Personality: Very kind but worries too much. She isn't very good at making decisions, but has an excellent sense of direction.
  15. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    Guess I'll give it a try again......
    Name: Bridgette
    Species: ;036;
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Bridgette's a happy-go-lucky person. Who loves nature, playing her guitar, surfing and anything related to water. She cares for most people and is smart. Usually she sees the world in a very simple manner. But when needed can be very wise and serious. She's good with making up tactics and strategies in challenges and compitions.
  16. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    Name: Link
    Species: Male
    Age: 13
    Species: ;027;
    Personality: He is the slave of evil tyrant King Harkinian. He is weird, and has an obsession with bombing dodongos and eating octorocks. He works for the triforce of scrubage cleaning company.
  17. Dittoman97

    Dittoman97 Piplup?

    personality: renissance girl, disguise artist, actress, dancer, but WAY too girly
  18. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    Name: Gan
    Species: ;444;
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality:Loves attention,can get bratty,loves to be right,he always wants it to be his way
  19. super riolu31

    super riolu31 "KAWAII!!"

    name: Blaze
    pokemon: ;157;
    personality: lokkin for someone to love, puts others first, very nice and sweet.
  20. Groudonny the groundstar

    Groudonny the groundstar A perfect copy

    Name: Kyle
    Species: ;301;
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: Rather aloof and carefree, Kyle doesn't really care what others think of him, and doesn't expect others to care about what he thinks of them. He won't talk about his past much, but he will gladly talk about the future, and his (rather large, disfunctional) family.

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